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How complete data powers better GenAI models (and why nothing less will do)

How to make GenAI an effective part of your customer engagement strategy

Among those who work with digital experience analytics, the debate between autocapture and instrumentation has been going on for quite some time. At Fullstory, we’re firmly of the stance that you need both, not either, for truly successful digital experience optimization. 

As we move into a future with increasing GenAI applications, this stance is more important than ever. 

The current wave of GenAI solutions coming to market highlights the need for autocapture to be part of your customer experience strategy. If you hope to leverage GenAI to improve the digital customer experience, instrumented data alone is not sufficient.

Instrumentation can answer the what of your digital experience data, but GenAI solutions need to know the why to be an effective part of your customer engagement strategy. 

GenAI needs complete context for maximum effectiveness

There’s a reason 88% of consumers are more likely to continue shopping with an online retailer that provides them with a personalized experience. The more you understand your visitors—their wants, needs, and frustrations—the better equipped you are to provide a digital experience they come back to. Complete data fuels more personalized customer experiences. 

GenAI can be an extremely powerful tool for elevating your digital customer experience. But to reach its potential, a GenAI model needs that rich, contextualized digital experience data to act on. 

Including only instrumented product analytics data (the what data) in your model might satisfy your first interaction, but what happens when the customer asks a followup question? The model will lack the context to really understand your customers and provide richer, more personalized experiences. It won’t understand the why. 

Complete data leads to better customer experiences

“For AI to be useful in e-commerce, it needs to connect to existing buyer journeys rather than interrupt them. To make this happen, you should make sure you have the ability to give the AI tools all the relevant information about your shoppers, in real time—without forcing visitors to type elaborate prompts or sift through irrelevant recommendations.” - Forbes

As the wave of GenAI reshapes our world, hyper-personalized customer experiences will soon be the standard. Generating better responses to customer questions and concerns using complete data with context is key. It won’t be enough to invest in basic GenAI models to keep your customers happy and your bottom line healthy.

Fullstory gives you the most complete digital experience data foundation

A hybrid approach of both manual instrumentation and autocapture is the only path to fueling GenAI models that help businesses thrive. Fullstory's Data Destinations and powerful APIs enable you to connect the richest customer experience data directly into your existing workflows and tools, like Google BigQuery, for the most robust digital experience data possible.  

When you power your GenAI models with a complete dataset, you can be confident you’re striking the right tone, providing factual assistance, and making relevant and personalized recommendations—exactly what you need to fuel better customer experiences. 

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