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Increase Conversions With Replay and Funnel More Users to the Finish Line

Optimize Conversions, Build Better Landing Pages, and A/B Test With Confidence

$119 billion. That's how much U.S. companies will spend on digital marketing by 2021[1]. As the stakes to capture user attention rise, so too does the urgency of converting traffic once it arrives. How do you ensure your desktop and mobile sites are optimized to convert a moment of attention into a lifetime of customer value?

  • How do you optimize landing pages to their full potential?
  • Why do users bounce, and how do you turn these misses into opportunities?
  • How do you identify friction in the marketing funnel and improve the customer journey?
  • How do you maximize ROI, especially on a limited budget?

Smart marketers know: Every visit counts. That's why optimizing the experience for each hard-won visit is crucial for turning users into customers. There's just one problem: How do you optimize a user experience you can't really see?

Find the Missing Meaning in Marketing Metrics

KPIs, bounce rates, traffic reports, funnels, conversion rates—you've got metrics for miles. You use them all to isolate what needs to be improved. Yet the numbers fail to give you any insights or solutions on how to proceed.

It's impossible to know the specific reasons why users abandon a form or their shopping cart, for example, so you're left to hazard a guess, craft a test, and in time, analyze results. In the best case scenario, you confirm your hypothesis, but that outcome is far from common.

No matter how many metrics you have, are they really enough?

But imagine you could see your users in action and see for yourself the reasons why they fail to convert—all without expensive usability testing. Imagine if, when a visitor bounced, you could study their experience, observe how they engaged, watch what they clicked, and see, for example, why they missed the call-to-action or where they lost interest in your copy.

That and more is possible with FullStory.

Boost Your Batting Average: Use FullStory to Make Sure All of Your Visits Are Hits

What makes FullStory so powerful? FullStory records the experience of every visitor to your site or app. With the click of a button, you can play these sessions back exactly as they occurred and see what's working or not. It's like instant replay for your site.

With FullStory, you can learn from each visit in order to optimize the online experience for all visitors.

Replay and Analyze the Sessions That Matter Most

All you have to do is identify which user behavior, pages, or flows you want to optimize, then use FullStory to search and replay those sessions to analyze and understand what's working—or not.

Let's say you want to improve conversion from your checkout page. You go to FullStory and search for sessions in which users reached the checkout but failed to confirm their order. You can then watch those sessions and look for clues as to why users got stuck. Once you start seeing common patterns, you'll already have a handful of items to A/B test, experiment with, or directly optimize.

FullStory is the go-to analytics tool for User Conversion, a conversion-focused agency based in the U.K., which used FullStory to drive a 26% lift in conversion for a large building products e-commerce company:

We believe that session recordings are one of the best conversion research techniques out there. Replay is natural user behavior that's not skewed by tasks or any kind of bias. David Mannheim
Founder, User Conversion

Learn More From Every A/B Test

A/B tests are the go-to solution to test hypotheses around the online experience on your site or app. Unfortunately, while an A/B test variation is intended to drive a specific, clear outcome, its actual impact can be more nuanced and difficult to measure.

FullStory solves this measurement problem by allowing you to compare any set of metrics you'd like and then watch the fully detailed replays to understand better if your hypothesis was correct.

Fullstack Digital used FullStory to boost a client's conversion rate by 12%:

We've found session replay in FullStory to be the missing qualitative piece needed to provide concrete proof of problematic interactions between the user and the website. Ben Bozzay
Marketing, Fullstack Digital

Optimize Landing Pages and Build Faster Funnels

Landing pages are critical points of success or failure for your site. Using FullStory, you can see precisely what's happening on each landing page you create. You can replay what's working, identify where users lose interest, and surface opportunities to tweak pages further.

Once you've optimized locally, you can move up or down your funnel, using FullStory OmniSearch to build segments for critical paths. You can build funnels on the fly, as fast as you can string together events and without any prior configuration.

In FullStory, you can build any funnel on demand, combining events like page visited, button clicked, etc., with zero advance configuration. Then, you can watch sessions from those funnels to get the best understanding of what's working—or not.

For example, Zenstores, an e-Commerce platform, used observations from session replay to understand and optimize landing page performance and improve user flows:

FullStory lets you see these nuances of a user’s flow through your carefully constructed landing pages in a way that feels very human, and for a marketer trying to find the best way to engage with an audience, that’s incredibly valuable. Alex Myers
Marketing, Zenstores

Learn more about FullStory funnels

Integrate FullStory With Your Conversion Optimization Tools

Integrations for Marketing Optimization

FullStory is most powerful when it's integrated into your existing optimization and marketing analytics toolset. Below are a few popular integrations we offer. Learn more about integrations.

Integrate FullStory with other analytics tools to help you gain nuanced insights from test results. Take advantage of available optimization integrations including Google Analytics, Optimizely, Segment, Mixpanel, Unbounce, and Landing Lion.

With each integration, FullStory unlocks new insights, providing more value from every optimization, experiment, and quantitative analysis you run.

Replay Their Digital Experiences and Optimize With Confidence

Replace guesswork with evidence-based certainty for your landing pages, A/B tests, feature pages, and more. Conversion rate optimization is easier and more effective with FullStory.

This technology sounds too good to be true. Is it?

It's the real deal.

FullStory session replay accurately records all user interactions on your site. You can search for specific interactions, such as abandoned forms or shopping carts, and then watch DVR-like replays of the sessions that meet your criteria. Observing these natural user behaviors—without the expense or bias of usability testing—is the most efficient way to understand why site visitors fail to convert and to build a better online experience for them.

Read more about FullStory session replay →
Is it easy to learn how to use?

For a company whose purpose is to help other companies build more user-friendly sites and apps, we practice what we preach. We've designed FullStory to be intuitive and easy to use. You can search your session recordings for specific user interactions as quickly and intuitively as searching for information on the web. Once up and running, you'll be building funnels on-the-fly as fast as you can think them up. And if you have any questions at any point, our friendly Huggers are ready to help.

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What about privacy?

FullStory helps you gain maximum insights to improve the customer experience while upholding the highest standards of respect for every user’s privacy and intent.

Safeguarding user privacy is paramount, and a joint responsibility between FullStory and our customers. We diligently ensure that each FullStory customer's user data is securely stored and accessible only to that customer.

Per our Acceptable Use Policy, we require our customers to exclude sensitive information from being recorded. We automatically exclude passwords and all credit card data. Customers also will want to exclude other sensitive information from within the FullStory app or by adding the class .fs-hide to CSS selectors on their site.

Read more about excluding elements →
Is FullStory affordable?

The value of FullStory should be evaluated in relation to your marketing and advertising investments. With FullStory, you always get value from your traffic because each visit can help you learn, test, and optimize further. Additionally, FullStory acts synergistically with your other analytical and optimization tools. Outside of conversion rate optimization, FullStory can help you save countless hours on debugging and revolutionize your customer support, two additional sizable impacts to your bottom line.

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  1. Digital Marketing Forecast: 2016 To 2021 per Forrester (Jan 2017). ↩︎