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Fullstory and AI: Maximizing behavioral data insights

Posted May 21, 2024
Fullstory and AI: Maximizing behavioral data insights

At Fullstory, artificial intelligence (AI) isn't just a tool—it's the backbone of our behavioral data platform. From data capture to delivering AI-ready datasets for external use, our platform seamlessly integrates AI to transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling impactful business decisions.

Seamless data collection and indexing with AI

From the moment you implement Fullstory, our autocapture approach ensures you get the most complete data set possible. AI technology bypasses the traditional need for manual tagging and extensive setup required by other analytics platforms. We start collecting comprehensive data immediately, eliminating the guesswork of pre-determining what to track.

Fullstory goes beyond mere data capture by excelling in indexing and organizing user interactions—such as taps, clicks, scrolls, and form input changes—into a structured, human-readable format. This process transforms vast quantities of raw data into actionable insights that improve your users’ experiences and your overall business outcomes.

Hear more from our CEO, Scott Voigt, on how Fullstory’s AI-driven approach to data collection is shifting the industry paradigm.

Empowering easy customization with Data Studio

Data Studio, a recent addition to Fullstory, integrates AI with data definition and customization. It provides robust tools to manage elements, pages, and events. With Data Studio, you can visually identify critical information and structure and label it with AI tools to elevate high-quality semantic signals from your users to the forefront of your analysis. AI-optimized element selectors ensure the accuracy, stability, and organization of data, making it easy and efficient to gather crucial insights.


Advanced analytics through AI

AI is also instrumental in the analysis phase, where it brings the vast amounts of collected data to life and makes understanding user behavior more efficient. 

When user sessions are recreated in replay format, we employ generative AI to summarize event data, giving you a concise overview of customer actions. With session summary notes powered by AI, you can cut down on the time required to review individual user experiences and open an avenue to quickly sharing the most impactful moments across your teams. 

Metric Insights also utilize AI to provide key insights on the data that’s most important to you. Fullstory automatically detects notable trends or anomalies in your KPIs, then generates and surfaces insights to you so you can swiftly pinpoint and act on intriguing patterns or significant changes and optimize your user experience.

Metric Insight Example

With Conversions, Fullstory uses AI to assess what could be impacting conversion rates through any user workflow or funnel on your website or in your product. As a result, Fullstory identifies signals that highlight recurring, specific issues that users encounter, distinguishing these from the typical background noise of your regular "business as usual" operations and user data to provide you with a prioritized list of the most impactful opportunities to improve conversion rates. 

AI-ready data streams with Data Direct

Despite the extensive data collected by many platforms, often, they fail to capture the full behavioral spectrum needed for effective AI applications. Fullstory's Data Direct bridges this gap by providing clean, structured, and organized behavioral data that not only enhances predictive models and enriches large language models (LLMs), but also supports the broader AI initiatives of an organization. As a result, data teams can incorporate behavioral data into powerful tactics to reduce cart abandonment, mitigate fraud, and provide truly personalized experiences to customers that lead to higher conversions. 

Turning data into growth and enhanced user experiences

AI is integral across the Fullstory platform, simplifying comprehensive data collection, enriching data analysis, and enhancing the application of insights externally. And as AI technology evolves, Fullstory is continuously enhancing our capabilities to meet the dynamic needs of today's digital teams. Through an AI-driven approach, we are redefining how organizations interact with and leverage their behavioral data, improving user experiences, optimizing personalization strategies, and pioneering new methods of data activation that drive growth.

LPProduct Marketing

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LP is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Fullstory. They are based in Charlotte, NC.

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