Be your clients' go-to source for customer experience solutions
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Be your clients' go-to source for customer experience solutions

Chris Samila
Posted February 05, 2019

Meet the FullStory Solutions Partner Program: The New Way Digital Agencies Can Become Leaders in Customer Experience Client Services

In 2019, a seamless digital customer experience (CX) is no longer simply a nice goal to have—it's a business imperative. Bad experiences mean lost customers, even when they love a brand. As companies increasingly understand and acknowledge the connection between positive customer experiences and the bottom line, agencies face more pressure than ever to make client sites and apps as easy and effortless to use as possible.

In short, agencies are now on the clock to deliver CX perfection.

The path to providing more value to your clients—by eliminating CX potholes—is clear. Your clients want an agency that will don a hard hat for them, smooth out the bumps in their digital customer experience, and pave the way for conversion, retention, and advocacy.

That's where FullStory can help. We're proud to announce the FullStory Solutions Partner Program. The program is designed to make it easier than ever for product development, marketing, and customer success teams at digital agencies to wow clients with the CX insights and solutions made possible by FullStory's innovative technology.

FullStory empowers your agency to be the go-to, indispensable source of expertise in all areas of digital customer experience. You'll be positioned to reap the financial rewards that come with activating new lines of business.

Here's how it works.

Hitch Your Wagon to a Digital CX Trailblazer

What is FullStory? Launched in 2014 and backed by Google Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins, FullStory has emerged as a category leader in digital experience intelligence. Thousands of customers love and trust our platform for analyzing, testing, visualizing, and perfecting the customer experience on their sites and apps.

Whether you currently work with clients on their customer experience, or you're looking to enter the CX space for the first time, the value of our Solutions Partner Program is twofold. We'll coach you on how to use FullStory to deliver your existing services more efficiently and accurately, and we'll show you how to use our technology to unlock new business opportunities anchored to improving the digital customer experience.

Your Definitive Answer to Every Client Question

When you put FullStory to work for your clients, the struggle of solving CX problems vanishes. Uncertainty is replaced with the confidence that comes from knowing just what to do.

From capturing the digital experience of customers on your client's site or app, FullStory indexes everything so it can be searched, and presents it in a user-friendly platform. That means every single interaction—every click, tap, scroll, and mouse movement—is discoverable. With FullStory's pixel-perfect session replay technology, you can watch a visual re-creation of individual customer sessions in their entirety. And with our unique OmniSearch capabilities, it's exquisitely easy to investigate any type of CX issue, from a buggy interface to a high bounce rate—or even create multi-event funnels on-the-fly without advance set up.

Traditional web analytics platforms tease insights but lack answers. FullStory turns that paradigm on its head. Now, it's easy to investigate quantitative trends and anomalies in your aggregate data. You simply use FullStory to scope problems in aggregate and then zoom all the way in to reveal the underlying qualitative insights from the real-life customers who comprise it. (This works just as well in reverse, too!)

Essentially, FullStory does for web analytics what instant replay does for sports: it changes the game. You get the insights needed to make definitive calls on product development, customer service, conversion rate optimization, bug diagnostics, and so much more.

Reduce Painful Uncertainty. Engage Clients Confidently

Remember that big project—the one that had to go exactly right? Remember the uncertainty and questions leading up to launch:

• What will we do if the conversion rate is low? • What if users can't find what they're looking for? • What if there's a bug?

Imagine you no longer had to worry. Now, you can confidently know just what the customer experience was because FullStory reveals that experience exactly how it happened.

FullStory is the source of truth you need to prove that things are working just as planned. And if and when things don't go as planned, FullStory reveals a blueprint for fast, confident solutions.

Fuel Your Clients' Growth With Glorious CX

Is your agency ready to turn customer experience into a critical competitive advantage? Are you ready to team up with an industry pioneer to help drive exponential growth for your clients and build your book of business?

Join the FullStory Solutions Partner Program today to receive the support and training necessary to become your clients' irreplaceable, go-to digital CX confidant.

Chris SamilaFormer VP of Partnerships

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Chris Samila was previously the VP of Partnerships at FullStory.

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