Gap Inc. prioritize fixes and saves valuable time and revenue

Founded in San Francisco in 1969, Gap Inc. has grown from a single storefront to a family of beloved, mission-driven billion-dollar brands—Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta. Gap Inc.’s online shopping experiences are entirely custom-built, making maintaining performance and monitoring for issues a unique challenge.


Gap Inc. faced the unique challenge of maintaining performance and monitoring for issues across its custom-built online shopping experiences for its brands. They sought a solution to gain comprehensive insights into customer experiences without compromising site speed.


Gap Inc. gained real-time troubleshooting capabilities and quick implementation, allowing them to swiftly diagnose and resolve issues occurring on their site, even outside standard business hours. Fullstory's self-serve data and contextual session insights enabled Gap Inc. to prioritize fixes efficiently, saving valuable time and revenue. Moreover, Fullstory's seamless integration with their existing tech stack provided access to valuable session information in real-time.


"Fullstory enables teams to understand issues faster, resolve customer problems more quickly, and make data-driven decisions when problems arise. Its approachable user interface has led to widespread adoption, and people around the organization are getting intrigued and excited to learn from these insights.“

Patrick McBride, Head of Mission Control (Digital Ops), Gap. Inc.



Ecommerce & Retail

Company Size

Large Enterprise


10% Time saved for digital operations team to access session information

12 Minutes faster session visibility than competitors thanks to real-time access

200 Active Fullstory users across Gap Inc. organization

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