Mammut proactively enhances customer engagement and conversions

Founded in 1862, the Swiss-born Mammut has been a pioneer in bringing high-quality apparel, footwear, and gear to nature enthusiasts. In 2021, Mammut’s digital team brought on Fullstory to proactively identify issues, increase conversion rates, and boost online sales.


Mammut faced low engagement with the menu button on their mobile site and needed to boost conversions from mobile users. Additionally, they sought to streamline their product filters to improve the shopping experience.


Using Fullstory, Mammut identified the issues hindering customer engagement and conversions. They relocated and enhanced the visibility of the menu button on the mobile site. Additionally, they analyzed customer behavior to restructure product filters, prioritizing frequently 
used options.

Carla Manent, Head of Product, Mammut

"Fullstory gives us more data and faster. Because we have more data, we can make better decisions, and because getting that data is faster, we can take corrective actions faster. If there’s an opportunity to improve or iterate something, we can do it quickly and start earning money.”

Carla Manent, Head of Product, Mammut




Ecommerce & Retail

Company Size

Mid-size Enterprise


2x Increase in menu button clicks

8% Increase in mobile customer conversions

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