Moosejaw boosts support efficiency and user experience

Founded as a family-owned outerwear and gear store more than 28 years ago, Moosejaw has become a leading retailer for outdoor clothing and equipment. Though Moosejaw operates several storefronts in the Midwest, the majority of its transactions are conducted through ecommerce in a typical year. Over the years, Moosejaw has been able to continually grow its business and stay on the cutting edge of ecommerce technology by emphasizing a culture of innovation, experimentation, and digital transformation.


Moosejaw needed to enhance customer support efficiency and optimize the user experience (UX) on their new website.


Utilizing Fullstory sessions, Moosejaw gained real-time insights into user interactions, enabling them to prioritize website fixes based on actual user challenges. Session replays helped the team realign their focus, ensuring a smoother website experience by addressing pressing user concerns. Additionally, Fullstory became an essential tool for Moosejaw's customer support team, allowing them to swiftly resolve user issues by directly accessing session replays. By analyzing heuristics such as Rage Clicks and Dead Clicks, Moosejaw's marketing team identified and addressed minor checkout funnel issues, enhancing the overall shopping experience and minimizing user frustrations.


"Over the years, we’ve solved countless UX and customer service issues using Fullstory, and we continue to use it for those purposes every day. Few customers who have a problem on your site actually leave feedback, so if three customers report an issue, that likely represents hundreds who’ve experienced it. Fullstory is crucial to understanding and fixing those issues quickly.”

Michael Moore,CTO/CIO, Moosejaw



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