Younique transforms digital product management

Founded in 2012, Younique is a peer-to-peer cosmetics company with a mission to uplift and empower women around the world. Younique uses an innovative digital-first approach in which promotion happens almost exclusively on social media, as opposed to the event-based tactics of traditional multi-level marketing companies. This emphasis on digital experience for both sellers and shoppers has led to remarkable growth in recent years and an impressive $1B valuation.


Younique aimed to enhance on-site conversion rates, streamline the checkout process, and improve internal communication between customer care and product teams.


Utilizing Fullstory's integration with Slack, Younique improved communication between teams, enabling real-time notification and swift issue resolution. Fullstory also helped identify and prioritize high-impact fixes, such as removing confusing elements from the checkout experience. Additionally, Younique monitored the correlation between feature engagement, like the Beauty Guide, and conversion rates, leveraging Fullstory's analytics capabilities.


"Fullstory has changed the way we work. We’ve gotten so much value out of the tool across teams, from our Business Intelligence (BI) team using Data Export to enrich their data models, to being able to quantify the impact of pain points on our site, to smoother communication between customer support and product. It’s been a game-changer and we love it.”

Matthew LeGare, Senior Director of Digital Product Management, Younique Products



Ecommerce & Retail

Company Size

Mid-size Enterprise


14% Decrease in time to checkout

Days Saved in average time from support ticket to fix

5+ Teams using Fullstory regularly

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