Finicity enhances customer experience and sensitive data management

Since its establishment over 20 years ago, Finicity has evolved from a personal finance management tool to a B2B open banking platform for financial data aggregation. When a customer connects their bank account to another fintech platform–like a loan application, a payment portal, or any service that uses financial data–Finicity acts as the bridge between the bank and the external organization or


Finicity sought to enhance its fraud detection process and improve data collection practices while ensuring the security of sensitive user information on its B2B open banking platform.


By leveraging Fullstory's Private by Default setting, Finicity seamlessly manages sensitive data while minimizing the risk of collecting unnecessary or sensitive user information. Transitioning from traditional product analytics, Fullstory became integral to Finicity's broader data analysis needs, providing sentiment signalsfor enhancing user experience and aiding in fraud detection.


"One of the greatest advantages of Fullstory is that it lets us verify the data we’re seeing with actual sessions, where with other solutions we didn’t have assurance the numbers are good. Fullstory goes from very macro-level analyses all the way down to individual interactions, so you can get a clear, complete picture.”

Christiaan Johnson, VP of Product, Consumer and User Experiences, Finicity



Finance & Insurance

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15% Estimated increase in funnel conversions

80% Reduction in ticket resolution time

54 Bugs identified and solved more quickly with Fullstory

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