Jacaranda Finance improves conversion rates by 20%

Since 2014, Jacaranda Finance provides individuals with fast, transparent loan services. Headquartered in Brisbane, Jacaranda is 100% Australian-owned and operated, and is on a mission to help credit-worthy customers acquire hassle-free, fixed-rate personal and car loans. Jacaranda stands out from the crowd by emphasizing speed and offering 24/7 customer service to all customers. With Fullstory’s behavioral data platform in their toolkit, Jacaranda can analyze the customer journey, optimize their website for conversions, and contextualize support tickets for faster resolution.


Jacaranda Finance sought to enhance the user experience across their loan application process and customer support services. As they transitioned from catering to small loans to larger ones, they faced the challenge of engaging new audiences and optimizing their digital platforms to ensure seamless interactions.


By implementing Fullstory, Jacaranda Finance gained valuable insights into user behavior and pain points. Leveraging Session Replay and Fullstory insights, they identified areas for improvement and made 40 strategic changes to their loan application form. Additionally, they utilized Fullstory's Session Replay feature to expedite customer support resolutions, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for users.


“Fullstory enables us to identify those small things—those little experience unknowns—that will have an outsized impact on our KPIs. We’re using these DX insights to make every improvement we can, and it’s paying dividends. In the old days, if a user abandoned the application form, we’d sit at our desks and guess the reason—or worse, we’d have to call them and ask. With Fullstory, the reasons are at our fingertips. And we can see exactly what we need to do to make the user journey better.”

Nick Yang, Head of Marketing, Jacaranda



Finance & Insurance

Company Size



20% Increase in application form conversions

40 Feature updates released based on Fullstory insights

90% Portion of customers who access Jacaranda via mobile

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