Pinnacle Pet Group increases conversions across its brands and reduces time to resolution

As a UK top five and pan-European, fully-integrated pet insurer and pet health services provider, Pinnacle Pet Group (PPG) believes happy, healthy pets make pet parents happy. And through its trusted brand Everypaw, and robust B2B partnerships including Sainsbury’s Bank, Argos, and Post Office, PPG has brought thoughtful insurance and medical offerings to over a million pet owners throughout Europe. Since its rebranding in 2021, PPG has experienced rapid digital growth as pet care becomes more popular with pet owners and through acquisitions that brought nearly 100,000 new customers into its fold.


Pinnacle Pet Group (PPG) faced the challenge of maintaining a seamless customer journey amidst rapid digital growth, driven by increasing pet care popularity and successful acquisitions. They needed a solution to efficiently identify and rectify errors to ensure continued customer satisfaction.


PPG adopted Fullstory's autocapture feature, enabling their team to proactively detect and prioritize error fixes. By conducting regular performance tests and utilizing Fullstory dashboards, PPG captured interaction errors and HTML issues. They analyzed the business impact of each error through a BI tool, efficiently prioritizing issue resolution without extensive engineering involvement.


“Fullstory’s autocapture feature saves us significant revenue and time because you don’t need engineers to learn the entire web site first, or to know what exactly to look for retrospectively.”

Dr. Diane Leung, Senior Product Manager, Pinnacle Pet Group



Finance & Insurance

Company Size



200% Increase in conversions for Everypaw, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Pet Group

310% Increase in sales for Everypaw, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Pet Group

50% Reduction in time to resolution for Pinnacle UK's Dev team