Thomas powers better digital experience with integrated technologies and a robust A/B testing program

Thomas has served and connected industrial buyers and suppliers since 1893. Today, they continue this mission while providing actionable information, data, analysis, and tools that align with and support today’s industrial buying process. The design and product teams rely heavily on Fullstory and an integrated suite of technologies to continually improve the digital experience, helping their users get what they need to do their jobs.


Transitioning from traditional publishing to digital platforms required cultural changes at Thomas. They needed to resolve internal debates and prioritize experience improvements based on data rather than opinion. Additionally, they aimed to avoid over-optimizing for conversions at the expense of user experience in their A/B testing program.


Thomas leveraged Fullstory alongside other integrated technologies like Usabilla and Optimizely to democratize insights and foster a user-focused mindset. By using Fullstory, they provided visual evidence to stakeholders, leading to a 33% increase in company listing submissions. They also ensured that A/B testing didn't compromise user experience by monitoring the impact of each test launch on the overall user journey in Fullstory.


"Fullstory is a part of our culture. It’s deeply ingrained in what we do. If someone has a strong opinion about our digital experience, I’m all ears. But if they don’t participate in our recurring Fullstory game film reviews, I can’t dedicate much attention to their idea. Fullstory helps us keep users top-of-mind, but also gives our co-workers a systematic way to propose evidence-based ideas for improvement.”

Julian Gaviria,Director of User Experience, Thomas




Company Size

Mid-size Enterprise


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94% Increase in overall conversions

2-3 Tests launched weekly with Fullstory + Optimizely

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