Endeavour Group decreases rages clicks by 27%

With more than 2000 stores, hotels, and scalable digital platforms under its umbrella, the Endeavour Group (EDG), based out of Australia, is driven by its mission to build a sociable future with and for its customers. The data-minded team at EDG relies on Fullstory for powerful analytic features like Session Replay, Conversions, and more to better understand and prioritize customer needs while bolstering transparency throughout the organization. That, combined with a painless onboarding experience and a Privacy-by-Default approach, makes Fullstory the perfect platform for helping the EDG team succeed with its rapidly growing base.


Endeavour Group needed to streamline its data-driven decision-making processes across its extensive portfolio of stores and hotels, spanning over 2000 establishments.


Implementing Fullstory allowed for rapid onboarding in just 15 minutes and seamless integration with the existing tech stack. Leveraging Fullstory's analytic features facilitated informed decision-making aligned with customer needs, fostering transparency and collaboration across teams.



Travel & Hospitality

Company Size

Mid-size Enterprise


27% Decrease in Rage Clicks

13% Increase in Add to Carts

4+ Platforms in EDG’s existing tech stack that integrated with Fullstory

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