Travel + Leisure Co. increases conversions and reduces time to booking

With a portfolio of nearly 20 resort, travel club, and lifestyle travel brands, Travel + Leisure Co. is one of the world’s leading travel membership companies. In addition to providing members with global vacation experiences, Travel + Leisure Co. is a trusted curator of vacation-inspiration content. In recent years, Travel + Leisure Co. has begun launching strategic digital transformation initiatives, including the implementation of technologies like Fullstory to help them provide a delightful, modernized customer experience across digital touchpoints.


Travel + Leisure Co. sought to revolutionize its customer service approach, streamline the booking experience, and optimize key site features for increased conversions.


By leveraging Fullstory, Travel + Leisure Co. transformed its customer service from reactive to proactive. Session replays enabled swift identification and rectification of bugs and user experience glitches, leading to anticipatory customer support. Additionally, new features like enhanced search and destination recommendations were integrated to streamline the booking process. Post-release, Fullstory sessions were analyzed to gauge feature effectiveness, leading to feedback-driven refinements and a notable 19% reduction in booking duration.


“Having your eyes wide open about your customers’ experiences and frustrations is critical to making good decisions about your customer journey. The ability to review sessions and watch a customer through their troubles has been incredibly impactful in how we solve for customer issues on the product side.”

Kevin McAuliffe,
SVP, Digital Transformation and Delivery, Travel + Leisure Co.


Travel & Hospitality

Company Size



9% Conversion rate increase for customers who interact with a key feature

3+ Club websites using FullStory

18.5% Decrease in time to booking

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