Fullstory partners with Google Cloud to develop advanced generative AI features that transform how businesses optimize the digital experience

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fullstory, a leading digital experience intelligence (DXI) platform, today announced an extension of its strategic partnership with Google Cloud to bring groundbreaking generative AI solutions to joint customers around the globe. Through this expanded alliance, Fullstory will offer new ways for customers to leverage its patented codeless approach to operational session replay to deliver superior digital experiences and automate AI-delivered experiences at scale.

Fullstory is the first and only platform to provide companies with a complete, retroactive, and semantically structured record of every customer interaction and experience across web and native mobile apps. The partnership will allow companies to use their data along with custom machine learning models to proactively identify, anticipate, and act on their customers’ needs in a privacy-first way.

“As enterprises double down on data and AI in 2023 to deliver meaningful business outcomes, we’re committed to helping our clients leverage DX data in new ways to power empathy at scale and create exceptional value for their customers," said Scott Voigt, CEO of Fullstory. "The data Fullstory collects and structures is optimal for powering state-of-the-art AI capabilities, and our expanded partnership with Google Cloud marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering AI-powered offerings to our customers."

"We are excited to partner with Fullstory to revolutionize the digital experience landscape through the power of generative AI," said Michael Clark, Vice President North America, at Google Cloud. "By combining Fullstory's rich data with Google Cloud's advanced generative AI capabilities, we are poised to jointly deliver innovative features that drive customer success and empower businesses to thrive in the AI era."

For more info on Fullstory’s partnership with Google Cloud please click here.

About Fullstory

Fullstory's digital experience intelligence (DXI) platform empowers businesses to deliver the best digital experiences across their websites and apps. Teams from product and engineering to marketing and customer support use Fullstory to save time and money, innovate confidently, and ultimately grow revenue. Built on a patented DX Data Engine, Fullstory transforms previously unnoticed, unstructured, and unindexed information into actionable DXI. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, with regional teams in London, Hamburg, Sydney, and Singapore.