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Atlanta, GA, USA

We believe in the power of empathy. No, really, it isn’t just a buzzword for us! Our CFO says that we can actually hire people whose full-time job is to empathize with our customers so that they can be assured there are real people behind this business machine and so that our product can improve according to actual people’s needs. And that’s exactly what a FullStory Hugger does.

Our Hugging team combines the skills of research, support, account management, and product management together with customer feedback in an effort to encourage a more perfect online experience for our customers, our customers’ customers and ultimately... the world!

Key to the Hugger’s success are the virtues of clarity, resourcefulness, root cause analysis, and critical thinking to understand how to constantly improve our product. They actively work to spread this hugging culture throughout the company and politely politically? strategically inundate the rest of the organization with feedback from the customer’s perspective on what and how the product can be improved.

Huggers are comfortable with ambiguity and thrive on formulating, creating buy in for, and executing on plans of action. Seriously, we’re a small team at FullStory and you aren’t told what to do next, so we’ll expect you’ll take things and run with them.

To ensure success in Hugging, we divide and conquer with three main focus areas: Support, Accounts, and Product.

Software Engineer

Atlanta, GA, USA

The FullStory product team was founded by a group of ex-Google engineers to build a "super-searchable DVR of all user interactions with your website." It is ambitiously high-scale, using Go for backend services, TypeScript for the browser, and some pretty fancy DOM stuff. It's all hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

We care more about hiring fantastic developers than filling any particular role. If you secretly thought that you loved computer science more than everybody else in your classes and wrote code for fun outside of class, then we'd love to talk to you. And you'd probably enjoy working with our engineering team. We combine serious computer science with a scrappy, self-directed engineering culture that will give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate valor and achieve glory.

Please send us your resume and/or an informal email explaining why you're either already awesome or on the path to becoming awesome.


Atlanta, GA, USA

We’re biased, but we think that FullStory is a unique company with an unusually important mission: help our customers make their customers as happy as clams. (Clams are super-happy, to be clear.) Maybe you can help us spread the word about that?

We’ve heard of this thing called “marketing”, but since nobody likes being on the receiving end of “marketing tactics”, we’re aiming to find people who can craft compelling stories that are useful and entertaining and then deliver them smartly to audiences who will be genuinely glad to hear about what we’re doing at FullStory.

First-round interviews will be conducted via email for efficiency and to see whether you’re a top-notch communicator.

If this sounds like you, get the ball rolling with an email to prove it. 🙂

Account Executive

Atlanta, GA, USA

You’ve probably read a hundred of these job descriptions, so let’s not waste time.

We fancy ourselves different from other startups, yet we all make the same claims: smart people, a unique culture and the ambition to change the world.

Even so, we’re confident you’ll find FullStory to be a pretty special company.

As an early member of a revenue-producing Account Executive team, here are some of the things we think you should know before taking the leap:

  • Our market is unlimited. Despite the best efforts of smart people and countless dev tools, it’s still really hard to deliver an amazing customer experience and we have a no-brainer solution.
  • The big names are calling us and the product is ready. Bring it on–
  • –but we never say “how high?” when someone tells us to jump. We don’t build features to win deals.
  • We’re well-funded, we’re good stewards of our resources, and we care about revenue – that’s where you come in.
  • Bionics over brawn. You’ll be expected to scale revenue in ways that exceed the capacity of a traditional human.
  • You won’t have a full-time sales engineer. We run lean and we’ve built a pretty slick product. We want you focused on storytelling and value.
  • We’re humble. We’re focused. And entitlement isn’t in our DNA.
  • It’s okay to challenge everything you’ve read and ask us to prove ourselves. That’s actually just the type of person we like to hire.
  • On the other hand, the kool-aid is delicious.

Sound interesting?

First round interviews will be conducted via email and Slack (yes, Slack) for efficiency and to see whether you’re a top notch communicator.