"What's best for your users is best for your company."

Hopefully most companies follow a mantra like this, but how can they really know what’s making their users happy or frustrated online? Answering that question with certainty is why we created FullStory. Software should exist to empower its users, and we want to help ensure the future of business is one in which the most usable, lovable websites and apps win.

Does that sound good to you? If so, maybe you'd like working at FullStory.

We focus on our customers

Customer experience isn’t just the selling point for our product—it’s our singular focus when we sit down to work (or stand, depending on our choice of desk). We want FullStory customers to have a perfect experience themselves, and our entire company is organized to better make that dream a reality. So far, it seems to be working.

Structured autonomy

We don’t believe in micromanaging your time; after all, smart, driven people are their own best bosses. Instead, we allow everyone to determine how they can contribute to FullStory’s company objectives as we sprint towards our goals together.

It takes all kinds to make a product

We want candidates of all human varieties, backgrounds, and lifestyles. There’s no problem that can’t be made better by bringing together people with a broader set of perspectives. So, please, if you love technology but aren’t sure if you’d fit in, apply anyway.

What’s your story?

Thanks for your interest in joining the FullStory team! We’re tickled pink—truly. If you don’t see a job that matches your interests, we’d love to welcome you to our Talent Network. We’ll keep your resume and background on hand and you’ll get the latest news about upcoming career opportunities with FullStory.

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Our company, in 3 words


Making a habit of empathy is a powerful way to maintain moderation and stay open to important information that doesn't originate inside your own head.


Few problems can survive their thorough description. By the time you can explain a problem in excruciating detail, especially to someone else, you know how to solve it.


"Study what humans do and figure out how to scale it." A dedication to building bionic systems ensures we maximally empower our users while minimizing our own unnecessary toil.

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