Turbocharge your tech stack

Enhance your systems and build a best-in-class tech stack your team will love. With a growing ecosystem of out-of-the-box integrations and an open API, FullStory’s platform aligns your teams, makes your apps smarter and your critical workflows snappier.

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Enjoy the benefits of the “stack” versus the “suite”

Taking a stack approach enables more flexibility and better functionality. With a stack, teams can advocate for what they need (nothing more or less), which often leads to lower expenses and greater satisfaction.

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Boost your favorite 
digital experience platforms with FullStory

With Segment in place, the Jumbo Interactive team easily set up custom events and tracked them across all of the connected platforms in its stack. “On the first day we had FullStory up and running, we identified an error that hadn’t been recorded properly by our bug tracking tool. That error had been occurring for almost six months and was probably costing us a couple of thousand dollars a day.”

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Integrations at Scale with iPaaS

In addition to our native integrations, FullStory has pre-configured connectors with three of the most popular iPaaS solutions—Tray.io, Workato, and Zapier—to streamline automation, help you scale, and keep processes running smoothly.

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Integrate Your Tech Stack

Customize any integration you need

Easily pull in custom event data to add additional context to FullStory’s out-of-the-box insights via our Webhooks or JavaScript and HTTP APIs.

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Export complete DX data to fuel BI efforts, hassle-free

Take your data science and business intelligence initiatives to the next level by exporting FullStory’s massive interaction datasets.

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Trusted analytics across systems

FullStory's Data Layer Observer (DLO) allows you to ingest common data layer attributes across analytics platforms like Adobe Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The DLO automatically syncs your data layer(s) to FullStory, curating JavaScript objects on webpages during user sessions.

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