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Enterprise Features

Account Manager
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Included Features

Session Playback
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Identify API
Custom User Attributes
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Dead Clicks
FullStory TV
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Click Maps
Domain, IP, & user agent blocking
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions are answered below.

Can I try FullStory before I buy?

You sure can — your first 14 days come fully loaded with all our Professional Edition has to offer. Once your trial is over you’ll have the option to keep rolling with a monthly subscription or go Free. Trials are limited to 5,000 monthly sessions.

How do I figure out how many sessions I need?

Unlike individual page views, sessions comprise all of a user’s activity over the course of their visit. You can find your monthly session count in most analytics apps, such as Google Analytics.

What happens to my data after the retention period?

It’s gone. Like, gone gone. Sessions are deleted as they reach the age specified in your subscription plan, so if you need to keep them for longer, please adjust your plan before they expire!

How easy is it to get FullStory up and running on my site?

Quite easy, actually. Most folks can get it running in about ten minutes. As opposed to other event-based solutions, a single script is all that’s required to copy and paste into your site. If your engineering team so much as flinches at the task, we owe you one. If you use Segment or Google Tag Manager, installation is as easy as a single click during on-boarding.

What is a seat?

Seats are occupied by individual users on your team who have access to your FullStory account, each with their own username and password. Every FullStory edition includes a certain number of seats, but Professional and Enterprise teams may purchase extras if needed.

What's your cancellation policy?

Our goal is to make you happy. You can cancel at any time and won't be billed for subsequent months. No hard feelings.