On-Demand Webinar

Behavioral Data: Uplevel your product strategy and build better products

Hosted by Dani Schenone, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Sales Engineering Manager, Lane Greer

Product teams need to deeply understand the pain points and needs of their users in order to win in their respective markets. Delivering customized, tailored interactions is key to increasing customer acquisition, improving loyalty, and boosting overall customer sentiment.

Join this event to learn how product teams can harness Fullstory’s behavioral data platform to accurately understand customer needs and create products that outpace the competition and drive revenue.

This Recording Offers:

  • Actionable insights to make informed product decisions.

  • Strategies to take personalization efforts to the next level, delivering more tailored and impactful customer experiences.

  • Growth opportunities by leveraging detailed behavioral insights provided by Fullstory.

  • Utilization of behavioral data to identify pain points and optimize user journeys, leading to higher conversion rates.