On-Demand Webinar

Data power unleashed: 2024 Behavioral data benchmark report insights

Unlock hidden customer sentiments with our on-demand webinar on harnessing digital behavioral data. Discover how signs of frustration, like rage clicks and site abandonments, highlight potential revenue risks.

Behavioral analytics offers brands a critical lens to spot overlooked insights, transforming these observations into groundbreaking customer experiences.

Watch as we delve into the Fullstory Behavioral Index, where we unveil global trends spanning retail, gaming, travel, and financial services.

Feature Dr. Diane Leung, Head of Product at Pinnacle Pet Group—one of the UK’s leading insurance providers. Dr. Leung shares valuable strategies her team employs to harness actionable digital experience data, enhancing customer loyalty and retention.

  • See how key frustration signals like rage clicks and error clicks vary by industry and find out how your organization compares

  • Learn how digital behavioral data insights can guide product development and shape your strategy

  • From analysis to action: learn how best-in-class companies are taking behavioral data insights and making meaningful changes to their digital experiences to drive loyalty and ROI.