Digital expectations vs. realities, and how to bridge the gaps: Insights from a survey of DX professionals

Survey says: Online businesses are struggling to meet consumer expectations

A 2023 survey of 700 digital experience professionals worldwide sheds light on the key challenges and contradictions in the world of website and mobile app optimization.

Even as new technologies emerge that help us understand consumer behavior and needs better than ever before, many businesses across industries and geographies are struggling under larger macroeconomic pressures including softening demand and shrinking budgets.

Unfortunately, constrained resources aren’t changing the level of excellence more and more consumers have come to expect from their digital experiences over the years. At the end of the day, 72% of shoppers just want to “quickly accomplish what I came to do.”

In this report, see:

  • Where digital business are falling short of expectations

  • What challenges digital businesses most commonly face

  • What solutions the most innovative businesses are taking to attract and retain more, happier customers