On-Demand Webinar

Behind the scenes: How our product team uses Fullstory on Fullstory

Fullstory supports not only the world’s most exceptional digital experiences on web and mobile, but also the product teams that make them possible. So, how does Fullstory use its own DXI platform? 

Get a glimpse into how Fullstory’s product leaders are using Fullstory to prioritize projects, gain clearer insights into how the product is performing, and help measure KPIs within the team.

Fullstory product team experts, Greg Lutz and Kim Ray, will share their best practices and provide helpful tips on how they’re using Fullstory daily within their teams. 

Register today for this behind the scenes view of Fullstory on Fullstory for Product Teams. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Understand the power and value of analytics for data driven decision

  • Collaborate better with both dev and design teams 

  • Be inspired and learn from other success stories