On-Demand Webinar

More cooks in the kitchen: Getting engineering involved in discovery

Let’s say you’re hosting a dinner party. You've got a few sous chefs in the kitchen helping you prepare the meal. They're chopping vegetables, measuring ingredients, and doing their part to make the meal a success. 

But what if your chefs talked to your guests before the party to find out what they liked and disliked? 

Equipped with these insights, your team could make more-informed culinary decisions, leading to an even more incredible guest experience. 

Similarly, engineers can benefit from engaging directly with customers during the discovery process. But how do you get to a state where your engineers are completely bought in and where your product and engineering teams are working collaboratively to create value from the discovery process? 

During this talk from the main stage at UXDX, Tim covers: 

  • Two peas in a pod: Selling the value of cross-disciplinary discovery teams 

  • Recipes for success: Democratizing discovery data

  • Easy as pie: Motivating engineers with the value from discovery outcomes 

Get a clear picture of how to get your engineering teams involved in discovery, so together you can create a meal that everyone will love.