Powerful Integrations With FullStory

Like magic: Integrate the most popular cloud service tools with FullStory to unlock mind-blowing synergies! 🤯

What's in your toolbox? Whether it's as simple as Slack or as complex as your software development stack, you can integrate FullStory with your tools to not only get even more value out of session replay but also extend the capabilities of your existing tools.

Below are all tools you can integrate with FullStory. Click any tool to learn more about the general or specific use-case, how any existing customers have extracted value from the integration, and where to go to learn how to integrate the tool right away.

Want to integrate FullStory into a tool you don’t see listed? Explore how webhooks can help you connect your FullStory data with the rest of your tech stack in real time.

FullStory Integrations

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BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform with extensive tools and solutions to help online stores boost their sales. When you integrate BigCommerce with FullStory, you'll unlock the ability to watch your customers' sessions on your site from start to finish. FullStory's robust search capabilities help you create customer segments, build conversion funnels, and pull up the sessions that match your exact criteria. This ability to observe how your customers move around your site and navigate through trouble spots yields powerful insights for improving UX and conversions.

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Bugsnag helps uncover all the bugs in your online and mobile applications, showing you exactly where and when hiccups occurred. Add the FullStory integration, and you'll get the context you need to understand the why your code hit a snag.

Watch the session recording from any user who experiences a bug and observe the exact actions they took before the incident—all in high-fidelity, crystal clear playback. You'll see browser console messages from the incident in perfect sync with the visual play-by-play. Useful information about the browser version, User Agent info, operation system, and location is also included.

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Drift is a conversational marketing platform that helps you connect with potential customers on your website in real time. Using targeted messaging and intelligent chatbots, Drift allows you to capture and qualify leads in minutes and connect them with your sales team, all without making them fill out a single form.

When you use Drift and FullStory together, you'll be able to see every move your customers make on your website so you'll know exactly where their interests lie and how to best help them.

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Google Analytics

The data in a Google Universal Analytics report gives you a big-picture summary of user activity on your site. With the FullStory integration, you can drill down to observe individual snapshots of user behavior, unlocking more powerful, actionable insights and helping you understand the "why" behind the numbers.

Add the FullStory session URL as a custom dimension to your reports, and instantly bring up video-like replays of the specific user sessions that match any dimension or metric. With this one simple step, you can gain access to the individual user data that gives meaning and context to your aggregate results.

Google Analytics integration case study:

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, or "GTM," is a powerful tag management system. Built and provided by Google, GTM allows you to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on websites.

FullStory's integration with Google Tag Manager makes it a snap to start recording sessions on your website or app.

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Help Scout

Help Scout is an all-in-one help desk solution for making customer support friendlier and faster. Seamlessly address customer inquiries with personalized email, live chat, or front-and-center, easy-to-create help articles.

Sync FullStory with Help Scout and get complete customer history data—including a link to the playback of the customer's step-by-step behavior on your site—so that you'll know exactly what happened before they contacted Support. Frictionless customer support awaits.

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Intercom simplifies customer support and lead acquisition by offering a variety of communication tools under one simple, easy-to-use platform. Talk to customers directly using live chat; send targeted email, in-app, and push messages; and create help articles to answer FAQs.

When you integrate Intercom with FullStory, session replay will give you relevant user context making customer support even easier. Each time a customer initiates a live chat, a link to their session recording will appear right in the window. You'll see every action the customer took and gain a clear understanding of how to help.

Intercom integration case studies:

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Jira helps you manage and troubleshoot your software development projects. Create workflows, tracks bugs, and integrate with FullStory to unlock an arsenal of information that helps explain and resolve issues.

Each Jira support ticket will include a link to the FullStory session recording that shows the issue as it unfolds from the customer's point of view. You'll see every user action and DOM state, and get all pertinent details like browser, OS, display size, and more.

Power users can get even more from Jira integration by turning on FullStory Dev Tools.

Jira integration case study:

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Landing Lion

Ready for your web presence to really roar? Landing Lion helps you quickly create best-in-class paid and organic landing pages for desktop and mobile.

When you integrate Landing Lion with FullStory, you’ll see how customers interact with your landing pages and navigate through the rest of your site, unlocking visual evidence and contextual insights to support each and every optimization.

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Magento is an eCommerce platform, ideal for enterprise-level businesses, that helps merchants manage everything from from dynamic content creation to order fulfillment and inventory management.

FullStory compliments Magento by cataloging customers’ interactions on your site, re-creating their individual journeys in video-like replays, and making this data fully searchable. Use the power of contextual insights to banish bugs, boost conversions, and build a more seamless customer experience.

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Standout features of the robust user analytics platform Mixpanel include the ability to measure your site or app’s performance in real time, set up funnels quickly and intuitively, and send targeted messages and notifications to drive re-engagement.

Integrating Mixpanel with FullStory session replay helps your product, marketing and data teams discover the “why” behind aggregate trends by visualizing and understanding the individual customer actions that comprise them.

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With the Olark Live Chat tool, your sales and support teams can talk to customers in real time via their preferred method of communication.

Integrating Olark with FullStory makes answering customer questions and providing fast service easier than ever. Each Olark chat window will link to the FullStory session recording showing you exactly what the customer was doing before they reached out for help. Instead of having to waste the customer’s time with myriad questions, you’ll be armed with the answers you need to make an immediate difference.

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Is a form, CTA button, or other part of your site not producing the desired results? With Optimizely, you can easily set up tests to find the best solutions.

An incalculable advantage of integrating Optimizely with FullStory is that you’ll be able to watch video-like replays of real users interacting with your variations to see the exact reasons why some perform better than others. Your Optimizely campaign, experiment, and variation names and IDs will be automatically pulled into FullStory so that you can easily find the sessions you’re looking for.

Optimizely integration case studies:

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Pendo provides product usage analytics, user feedback, and personalized guidance and communication tools. Pendo helps product teams identify where users are engaging and more importantly where they aren’t.

Once the FullStory and Pendo snippets have been added to your application, link the FullStory and Pendo to view FullStory Session URLs within your Pendo dashboard. After you’ve spotted a problem, FullStory can analyze your digital experience to find the potholes that trip up your customers and keep them from converting, engaging, and sticking around for good.

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Integrate FullStory with Salesforce, the world’s #1 customer relationship management platform, to redefine customer support and transform your method of gleaning insights into how customers use your product.

When you connect FullStory with Salesforce Service Cloud, your support professionals no longer have to waste time asking customers to describe their issue. Instead, each support ticket is linked to a video-like replay of the customer’s step-by-step actions and the issue as it unfolded from their perspective. Say goodbye to asking for screenshots and explanations, and say hello to faster solutions and smoother, happier interactions.

Similarly, integrate FullStory with Salesforce Sales Cloud to give your product and marketing teams a pixel-perfect view of exactly how individual customers are using your site or app.

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Setting up tracking for each one of your analytics tools is a time-consuming process—but it doesn’t have to be. Segment collects, stores, and routes your customer experience data to each one of your analytics tools in the format they understand. This means your engineers no longer have to spend time installing and maintaining tracking for individual integrations.

The Segment integration is especially powerful as instrumented events will show up right in FullStory. You can search for these Custom Events and when you replay a session containing events from Segment, little blue "zaps" (⚡️) will be marked right in the playback bar. Get to the fun part of analyzing insights a whole lot faster.

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Shopify is an eCommerce platform that offers everything you need to get your online business up and running. Choose from sleekly beautiful designs that are easy to customize and intuitive for your customers to navigate. Other features include a fully-hosted and secure shopping cart, inventory management, web hosting, analytics reports, and much more.

With the FullStory integration, you can build funnels to see how well your customers are converting, and then watch session replays of individual users’ interactions to see why or why not.

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Slack is an intra-office chat app that makes it easy to communicate with coworkers through project-, subject-, or team-specific channels. Through this intuitive way or organizing and archiving correspondence, along with easy file sharing and search, Slack eliminates the need for endless emails once and for all.

Add the FullStory integration to share noteworthy session replays with coworkers directly in Slack.

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Grow your online presence with Squarespace, an all-in-one platform for small businesses. Build a beautiful website, send email campaigns, track analytics, and much more.

Our Squarespace integration makes it easy to watch video-like replays of actual customers navigating on your website, helping you understand your users’ behavior, solve complaints, and optimize for a more seamless experience.

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Tealium unites your data streams into a single fountain of real-time information that everyone on your team can use to improve the customer experience. Eliminate data fragmentation and simplify tag management and vendor integration like never before.

Our Tealium integration means that all of your FullStory digital customer experience data will be seamlessly added to your Tealium Universal Data Hub. Then, from FullStory you can search and segment based on your Tealium Custom Events. They'll even show up directly in playback as little blue "zaps" (⚡️) seen right in the playback bar.

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Trello helps transform the way that you and your team collaborate and stay organized. Each project gets its own “board,” where you can easily create workflows and move tasks, also known as “cards,” across lists from start to finish. Integrate FullStory to easily share session replays directly to Trello boards.

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Unbounce helps you quickly and easily create high-performing landing pages, website popups, and sticky bars. Take advantage of many features, from Dynamic Text Replacement to unlimited A/B testing, designed to help you boost conversion rates and lower your cost per click.

Integrate Unbounce with FullStory to uncover a wealth of new insights into your users’ behavior. Watch replays of them interacting with your variations—every click, every scroll, every keystroke—to go beyond aggregate conversion rates and understand why something works—or why it doesn’t.

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UserVoice collects all user feedback, from support tickets to in-app forms, into one single stream for easy categorization, analysis, and follow up.

When customers report issues, the FullStory integration helps your support team find solutions. Each support ticket will include a link to the relevant customer's session recording showing exactly what happened during their session.

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With its versatility and robust feature set, WordPress is a popular choice for bloggers and big-name brands alike. Now powering over 32% of the web, WordPress offers businesses a cost-effective, beautifully customized site with unlimited plugins, advanced SEO tools, and 24/7 support.

Integrate FullStory with WordPress to capture all your customer experience data and unlock pixel-perfect replays of customers using your site. Easily search and segment session recordings to investigate form abandonment, Error Clicks, or any other type of behavior or trend.

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Zendesk helps you deliver frictionless customer support across all channels, including phone, chat, email, and social media. Support agents get all the information they need on a single, intuitive help desk interface, and customers get faster, more personalized help when and where they want it.

The FullStory integration amplifies your ability to solve support tickets quickly and seamlessly. Each support ticket will link to a DVR-like replay of the customer’s interactions on your site so that you can understand their issue without them having to explain or screenshot it.

Zendesk integration case study: