Shared mission,
shared responsibility.

Businesses use FullStory to create better digital experiences for their customers. That mission is our mission too, which is why we’ve built the pillars of privacy, trustworthiness, and responsibility into every aspect of our platform.

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Customer privacy is worth protecting.

FullStory is uniquely designed to capture the structure of your pages–while allowing private customer data to be blocked at the source. And universally sensitive data, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers, are automatically excluded on install day and every day.

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Security that exceeds enterprise standards.

Security officers at companies of all sizes have confidently signed off on FullStory. Beyond being built in the famously-secure Google Cloud Platform’s we also went ahead and earned our own SOC 2 Type II certification

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Obsessed with uptime—both ours and yours.

When it comes to performance, we stand by two simple declarations:

  1. FullStory should always work. And when it doesn’t, as soon as we know, you’ll know.
  2. Your site or app should always work. We’ve meticulously crafted the FullStory JavaScript from the first byte to the last to have no impact on your user experience.
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Powerful data control at your fingertips.

Your users have rights, protected by laws such as the GDPR in Europe and the pending CCPA in California. FullStory unequivocably stands behind those rights by offering the in-app tools you need to control and delete your users’ data on demand.

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Use FullStory responsibly.

There’s no other technology that allows you to understand your digital customer experience at the same level of scale—and the same degree of detail—as FullStory. That’s why we hold our customers to the same high standards we hold ourselves.

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Wield your powers for good.

SaaS products that promise to boost revenue or increase conversions are a dime a dozen; our promise is to help you make your site or app genuinely better for users (and those other things will follow). So if you’re not using FullStory in a purely pro-user way, well, we might need to re-evaluate our relationship. Read our Acceptable Use policy (Don’t worry—no legalese here.)

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Capture based on customer consent.

FullStory includes a robust suite of tools for managing personally identifiable data based on whether your users have consented to having their usage data uploaded to the cloud. With FullStory's FS.Consent API, it's possible to respect consent, even if you don't live in a region where this is mandated by law. Learn more

We’re here to help.

If you'd like to know more about FullStory’s commitment to responsible, respectful digital experience analytics, contact us. Between our Huggers, Data Privacy Officer, and security experts, we’re bound to have an answer to your question.

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