Build data-driven product roadmaps with Digital Experience Intelligence

Combine quantitative and qualitative data for a comprehensive understanding of your products. Get full visibility into both how and why customers interact with your websites and digital products.

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Prioritize your roadmap with confidence

Easily understand what users experience in your digital products—plus the why behind it. Discover the most powerful opportunities for growth, whether you’re using our intuitive search to build custom reports or referencing the actionable insights surfaced by the platform.


Become (even more) customer-obsessed

Gain Private-by-Default visibility into how customers interact with your products. Rely on our robust suite of privacy tools, ensuring you can see the shape of your customer’s experience without capturing data you don’t need.


Improve organizational alignment

Connect data from UX, engineering, and support teams to prioritize with confidence. Reference Fullstory’s single source of truth to analyze and share every imaginable point of user interaction with your digital products—no tagging required.

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Drive product adoption

Iterate confidently and improve performance with complete digital data to boost product adoption. Get full visibility into how customers interact with your digital products, then apply actionable insights to accelerate innovation.


Increase conversion rates

Identify revenue-impacting issues, understand how many customers are affected, uncover opportunities for innovation, and contextualize this data with real user sessions.

JetBlue Airways
"FullStory has been an integral part of our product design process. From monitoring how our site is functioning to understanding user behavior, it has become a valuable resource to make relevant and timely improvements that positively impact our customer’s experience.”
Jillian Moroney, Digital Product Manager,
_Jillian Moroney, Digital Product Manager,JetBlue Airways
"Conversions immediately helped us pinpoint friction in our funnel. With FullStory, we were able to easily identify improvement opportunities, validate our findings with Session Replay, and update it quickly."
_Christiaan Johnson, Director of Product DesignFinicity

Sendoso innovates new features with FullStory

The product team at Sendoso relies on FullStory to ideate new features, personalize customer interactions, and conserve engineering time.

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