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Survey: 3 urgent challenges demand DX professionals' immediate attention

A survey of DX professionals reveals 3 key challenges to address right now

The importance of a seamless digital experience (DX) can’t be overstated; Today, 85% of consumers indicate that a great digital experience is as or more important than a great in-store experience. 

To meet these evolving consumer expectations, savvy businesses are leaning deeper into their work in the digital realm. Organizational expectations for digital platforms and the strategies that power them are high. But those expectations stand in contrast to the reality that digital experience is falling short.

This gap between expectations and reality is backed by new research. Fullstory surveyed 700 DX professionals worldwide to understand how organizations approach digital experiences and where they’re struggling to meet external and internal expectations. The data reveals three challenges brands around the world are facing. 

Download our report to see the full results of this survey, and continue reading for a rundown of these challenges as captured by our original research.

The 3 challenges our research uncovered

Challenge 1: Most digital experiences under-deliver

As online transactions grow in importance, the expectation is that businesses will understand and meet customer needs in digital spaces. The unfortunate reality is that most digital experiences under-deliver. There are two primary reasons why this is the case:

  1. Pinpointing friction points remains an uphill battle: According to research, 64% of consumers will abandon a transaction after a digital inconvenience—but only 19% of businesses can identify where these friction points occur.

  2. Organizations struggle to uncover user behavior insights: It’s difficult for companies to answer questions around where users encounter frustration, why users abandon platforms, and what routes lead to successful conversions.

To overcome these challenges, businesses must find a path to better understanding user behavior. A deeper understanding of consumers can transform digital platforms from merely transactional spaces into delightful user experiences.

Challenge 2: Many businesses are still just guessing with DX, and struggle to stay ahead of issues

Data should form the foundation of DX decision-making, but a significant portion of businesses are operating largely on guesswork. According to our survey, 86% of DX professionals agree on the importance of data-driven insights, and 84% view these insights as essential to understanding customers, supporting user acquisition, ensuring conversions, and boosting revenue. And yet, the majority still lack clarity on customer behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, moods and mindsets, and personality types. 

To make matters worse, many businesses find themselves stuck on the basic step of merely identifying DX issues. According to our survey, while 40% of DX professionals want to spend their time crafting DX strategies rooted in data-driven insights, 37% confess that they predominantly spend their time unearthing platform issues.

To sidestep these challenges and take a forward-thinking approach to DX, businesses need comprehensive solutions that help them identify issues while also providing actionable insights to rectify them.

Challenge 3: Teams are grappling with the effects of budget cuts

Budgets are tightening in 2023. Businesses are facing mounting financial constraints alongside the challenge of achieving more with less. This is true across DX teams.

According to our survey, 51% of respondents shared that they are shouldering the impacts of budget reductions. Respondents also confirmed that expectations for their work and results remain high, as 79% indicated they are tasked with achieving loftier business targets. 

In this constrained environment, success pivots on efficiency and precision. Access to holistic and trustworthy digital experience data accelerates informed decision-making and lends confidence in project prioritizations. 

Bridge the gap between DX expectations and reality

Organizations need tools to help them overcome the challenges listed above so they can create the reality their users and customers want. Fullstory offers a platform designed to bring clarity to the often nebulous realm of digital experiences—highlighting points of friction, quantifying the impact of issues, and allowing brands to make informed DX decisions quickly.

Download our report to access the full results of our survey, and schedule time for a Fullstory demo to start taking your digital experience to the next level.


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