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Fullstory’s recap of Google Next '24

The Fullstory Team
Posted April 17, 2024
Fullstory’s recap of Google Next '24

Google Cloud Next '24, set against the vibrant backdrop of Las Vegas, kicked off with a packed AI-centric agenda. The rapid integration of generative AI into business operations was a hot topic, emphasized by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet. A key announcement was the introduction of Gemini for Google Cloud, enhancing AI capabilities across coding, cloud management, security, and data analysis, promising radical enhancements in productivity and security.

Cloud talk with Erin McNamara: Harnessing behavioral data

Erin McNamara, Fullstory’s VP of Product Marketing, hosted two sessions on leveraging behavioral data for enhanced customer engagement and efficient operations. She gave attendees a sneak peek of Fullstory's upcoming release: Data Direct, a new product offering that allows seamless integration of structured behavioral data into customer systems, enhancing real-time personalization and fraud detection capabilities. 

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Erin also highlighted a use case for leveraging Fullstory to enhance fraud detection. In her example, autocaptured behavioral data from a business’s website is analyzed to identify suspicious patterns, like multiple failed login attempts followed by immediate withdrawal attempts. Using Fullstory’s Data Studio, behaviors are tagged and monitored, enabling real-time alerts through webhooks for rapid fraud mitigation. This use case showcased how behavioral data can significantly improve operational security and response times.

Watch Erin's session now →

Panel discussion with Agata Bugaj: AI-driven retail transformation

Agata Bugaj, Fullstory’s SVP of Product discussed the transformative role of AI in retail alongside other industry leaders. The panel covered the use of AI for personalized marketing, intelligent inventory management, and precision pricing. Agata highlighted Fullstory’s contribution to understanding customer behavior in real-time, which allows retailers to deliver more personalized and efficient customer experiences. The discussion also touched on ethical considerations and the importance of maintaining customer trust when implementing AI solutions in retail.

Key takeaways from Google Next '24

  1. A growing need for good data: To cover all things behavioral data, cybersecurity, and AI with Google’s top customers, Fullstory hosted a community networking meetup in partnership with Google, C2C, AMD, and Fortinet. During this event, leaders across a variety of industries expressed an increased focus on getting the “right” kind of data into their techstack.

  2. Advancements in AI: The event showcased groundbreaking AI innovations like Gemini, enhancing various Google Cloud services and tools and improving how businesses operate and interact with data. Google also introduced the ability to create AI agents using natural language or a code-first approach, easily grounding your agents in enterprise data with a range of options.

  3. Retail AI integration: The panel discussion underscored the critical role of AI in evolving the retail landscape, with Fullstory at the forefront in driving these changes through its detailed behavioral insights and analytics.

  4. Ethical AI use: The event also addressed the ethical dimensions of AI, emphasizing the need for transparency, customer trust, and the responsible use of AI technologies in business practices.

Google Next '24 not only highlighted AI's current and future potential for enterprise businesses, but also championed the need for accessible, organized, and—above all—reliable behavioral data. 

Learn what the combined power of Fullstory and Google Cloud can do for your brand today.

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