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New survey reveals consumers are loyal to experiences, not brands (and debunks 4 other common CX myths)

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Posted January 12, 2023
New survey reveals consumers are loyal to experiences, not brands (and debunks 4 other common CX myths)

Across the globe, businesses are grappling with the challenges brought on by consumers’ higher expectations, easier access to competitors, and increased scrutiny on spending. New research from Fullstory shows just how crucial it is for businesses in every industry to offer consumers a simple, seamless digital experience. 

We surveyed over 7,000 consumers from Australia, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States to examine their frustrations, expectations, and preferences when it comes to digital experiences. The findings reveal the truths behind five common customer experience myths that every digital business should be aware of. 

Debunking CX myths with new survey data

Myth #1: Consumers will overlook a poor digital experience if they love your brand. 

The reality is that 44% of consumers surveyed “don’t care” where they shop, “as long as it works.” Combine that with the fact that 42% of marketers believe that customer loyalty will decline in 2023 as a result of changing spending habits, and the picture comes into sharp focus. Consumers are becoming more brand-agnostic, favoring companies that can provide a smooth online experience every time. 

Here’s how that breaks down by region.


Myth #2: Users are patient while your site or app loads. 

Data shows that loading issues are the most frustrating problems to encounter on a site or app. A whopping 72% of global survey respondents said slow load times are the number one frustration when transacting online, followed by 63% of respondents who said loading errors are their top frustration. 

Honorable mentions for top online frustrations include dead links or buttons (46%), forms that won’t accept inputs (39%), and page glitches (38%). 


Myth #3: Customers don’t mind if completing an online transaction takes some time. 

According to the survey, globally, consumers want a speedy transaction above all. An overwhelming 76% of respondents said their #1 priority when shopping online is being able to “quickly accomplish what I came to do.” End of story. 


Myth #4: Most major industries offer good digital experiences

Despite a dramatic shift to transacting online over in person in recent years, many key sectors still fail to deliver the digital experience that customers have come to expect. For four key industries—healthcare, travel, utilities, and financial services—roughly one in three global consumers describe having stressful, difficult, or stagnant digital experiences on a site or app.

For these critical everyday transactions, it’s enormously important for organizations to provide smooth digital experiences to retain customers. 


Myth #5: Consumers will give you a second chance if they have a negative digital experience. 

The age-old warning that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression goes beyond job interviews and meeting your future in-laws. It also applies to consumers’ interactions with your site or app. 

Our survey revealed that 65% of global consumers are likely to leave without completing their transaction if they encounter a problem or frustration online. And the consequences are even more dire than one lost conversion; 55% of respondents say they are unlikely to return to a business after having a poor digital experience. 

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“It’s clear that above all else, today’s consumers are looking for simple, functional online experiences that allow them to easily complete the task at hand,” said Andrew Fairbank, Fullstory’s Vice President of EMEA Sales. “With consumers quickly abandoning brands that don’t deliver seamless digital experiences—often without telling them why— data-led insights play a vital role in ensuring that brands can meet consumer expectations and retain their customers.”

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