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Enhancing user empathy in real time: Harnessing your data with Fullstory's summer release

Jona Youdeem
Posted August 14, 2023
Enhancing user empathy in real time: Harnessing your data with Fullstory's summer release

Welcome to the era of Real-Time User Empathy, facilitated by Fullstory's ability to capture unstructured data and instantly translate it into easily accessible insights. 

This is not just about data collection or simple user and KPI tracking. It's about understanding the motivations and thoughts behind every user behavior, converting static data into dynamic insights, and fostering a company-wide environment that understands users and responds with speed, agility, and empathy. 

“We were able to install Fullstory in a matter of sitting down with an engineer for 2 hours and deploying into production and then literally had all the data we needed to make informed design decisions from that point going forward.” - Senior Vice President, IT & Logistics, Forrester TEI study

We’ve been working hard over the past three months to add more features to Fullstory, so you're equipped to maximize each one.

Make the most of every user interaction on your site or app

Stop issues before they have a chance to spread with...

Scenario: It's a Monday morning, and you're enjoying your coffee, prepared to face the week. Suddenly, an alert appears on your screen—there's been a significant change in errors. Your heart skips a beat, but then you remember: you use Fullstory. With a single click, you activate the data directly from session replay into a new dashboard, narrowing in on the issue in record time. This is where Fullstory's one-click, automated error quantification from session replay comes in. It's not just about speed, it’s about the precision and the depth of insights you can gather instantly. 

“A huge factor for our engineering teams in terms of making their productivity quicker is that Fullstory captures all of the data. They can get data points from sessions that [our previous vendor solution] didn’t capture, which makes reproducibility much quicker.” - Senior Director, Retail, Forrester TEI study

In-app and email alerts

Fullstory's capabilities extend further. With the new in-app and email alerts about changes in metrics, you're always ahead of the curve. Whether it's an increase in checkout errors, a drop in user engagement, or a spike in average page load time, you're notified immediately. You can set alerts for metrics and segments, and choose when to trigger the alert based on a value, a relative change, or an absolute change. Fullstory appeals to diverse teams including engineering, product, marketing, and support, ensuring widespread adoption across your organization.

Your engineers, once burdened with diagnosing issues, now have more time to innovate and create. The underlying Fullstory data engine keeps your performance at its peak. You're no longer reacting to problems–you're proactively addressing them, saving time and money in the process. This is the outcome of Fullstory's commitment to enhancing the stability of the underlying data engine and reducing its performance impact. 

Automated insights

With Fullstory, you can be a catalyst for action, breaking free from the constraints of slow responses and isolated data. We’ve added instant, automated insights in plain English on more object cards, in more places, helping you understand and learn quickly in which moments you can connect more deeply with your users. It's about filling in the gaps, ensuring you're not missing any important user info and context. 

Bulk third-party capture

Which is also the essence of the updates to our server-side APIs that now enable bulk capture of data from third-party tools into Fullstory. This update allows you to keep your digital data up to date and connected to other key business intel from the different tools and devices that grow your business. And because all of that data flows directly into Fullstory's intuitive interface, you're reducing time to value, a key advantage over more technical, cumbersome tools. 

As a senior vice president in IT and logistics noted in a recent Forrester TEI study commissioned by Fullstory, “You spend very little time training, and the time to value for any average user is extremely low. I won’t go to another company if I can’t buy Fullstory.”

Don’t miss the stories your data is telling

Scenario: You're in a team meeting, discussing the latest user data. The numbers are overwhelming, the context is missing, and the team is struggling to make sense of it all. But then, you pull up Fullstory. With a few clicks, you apply the intuitive dashboard filters, transforming the sea of data into a clear narrative. The room goes quiet as everyone absorbs the detailed page flow insights, fueling the idea pipeline and feature development. The rolling averages smooth out the fluctuations in the data, making it easier to spot trends and patterns. Suddenly, the overwhelming data is not just manageable, but a treasure trove of insights that save time and money.

This is the process of transforming data into a narrative. With Fullstory, you can give life to user needs and experiences:

  • Quickly change the story with intuitive dashboard filters 

  • Reduce the noise in your decision-making by applying rolling averages to your analysis

  • Make every moment count with dashboard filters and insight into detailed parts of your page flow  

Most importantly, you can turn data into a story, a narrative everyone on your team can understand and act upon.

And with Fullstory's mobile and web support in one connected platform, you're ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your users' journey, unlike tools that are web-only or only provide basic analytics.

Innovate confidently while safeguarding privacy

Scenario: You're in a meeting with the legal team, discussing privacy concerns around capturing user data. The conversation is tense, but then you remember—Fullstory has released two key self-serve settings so you can:

  • Set URL privacy rules on your own

  • Set up Fullstory access through a custom domain proxy, reducing the risk of privacy incidents 

The room breathes a sigh of relief. With Fullstory, you're not just innovating; you're innovating confidently, future-proofing your data maturity. This superior privacy practice is unmatched by other platforms, minimizing risk where other platforms may create reputational risk. 

As one senior director in retail stated in a recent Forrester TEI study commissioned by Fullstory, “With Fullstory, I feel much more confident that I don’t have a single piece of user data that I don’t want on my platform, which would increase the overall liability risk to the organization.”

Quick actions enhance your data

Let’s not forget about Fullstory's new feature that provides quick actions to specific data objects. With so much data at your fingertips, you’re eager to know where to start. With these new quick actions, you can swiftly and easily take action on specific data objects, improving utilization and boosting team morale. It's about making your data work for you, not the other way around.

The Fullstory advantage: Empathy-centered, action-forward

You already know the importance of understanding your users and acting quickly on DX optimizations. Fullstory empowers teams to double down on that commitment, deepen the connection with user behavior, and respond to issues with speed and empathy. 

Product managers: the clock is ticking. Are you ready to embrace Real-Time User Empathy, make every moment count, and leverage the power of Fullstory's newly-released features to grow revenue smarter, save time and money, and innovate confidently? 

Start using Fullstory today.

Jona YoudeemProduct Marketing Lead

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Jona is a product marketer with a customer-centric, global mindset and the ability to problem solve across disciplines, industries, cultures, and scenarios.

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