5 data-led growth strategies for mobile apps

Data is inextricably linked to sustainable growth—and the app industry has plenty of it to work with. But this plethora of data can be a double-edged sword.

It’s only through knowing how to wield it that the right conclusions are drawn—and, ultimately, the right decisions are made. 

In this guide, you’ll learn strategies for making user-focused, data-driven decisions for your mobile app experience, including insights on: 

  • Mapping your customer journey, and why it’s important

  • How data democracy can open up the potential of data within your business

  • Finding customer pain points to reduce churn and increase conversions

  • How, when, and why to create a data-led upselling strategy

  • Identifying and fixing revenue funnel leaks

Download the guide to begin improving your mobile app experience today. 

This guide was created in partnership with Yodel Mobile, a leading app growth  consultancy.

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