Efficient, Effective Customer Support Starts With Session Replay

Get the Context You Need to Provide the Best Customer Support

Most companies aspire to deliver great customer service, so why is this bar so rarely cleared? The stats aren't pretty:

  • 1 out of 2 customers have left a company in the past year due to poor customer service at an estimated cost of $1.6 trillion.[1]
  • A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience. Around 13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people.[2]
  • 9 out of 10 customers get frustrated by having to repeat their issues to multiple representatives.[3]

Customers have made it clear: They value efficient, personable service—so much that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.[4]

Why Customer Support is Such a Delicate Balancing Act

Say a customer becomes frustrated with your product and reaches out for help. They're confused by a feature, tripped up by an error message, or otherwise unable to achieve the job they they set out to do.

At this point, your support staff must ask for more information to diagnose the problem while trying not to frustrate the customer further. Outcomes range from not ideal (having to ask for a screenshot) to downright awful (running a troubleshooting process only to have the customer exclaim, "It's not working!"). And when the customer expects resolution immediately, any delay in understanding will just add to their frustration.

How can you meet your customers' expectations of fast, friction-free service?

FullStory Removes the Pain From Supporting Customers

Finally, the technology exists to ease the burden on both your support staff and customers. Every time a customer writes in with a problem—either via chat or support ticket—FullStory supplies the information and context needed to fully understand and empathize with their situation without you having to ask the customer anything.

How does it work? FullStory records each user's entire experience on your site or app. Every mouse movement, click, and keystroke is captured and reconstructed in a DVR-like replay, giving you a first-person look at their interaction exactly as they experienced it.

No longer do you have to ask a customer multiple questions to get to the bottom of the issue. Never again do you have to ask for screenshots. When a new ticket comes in, all your support professionals have to do is open the link to FullStory, watch the video-like playback of the struggling user's session, and let them know you're on the case!

With FullStory, your team gets all the details they need to help the customer as quickly as possible, and even help prevent issues in the future. At long last—painless customer service is a real possibility.

Customer Support Success Stories

FullStory helps WayUp, a job site for recent college grads, deliver fast customer support to millions of users and eliminate the need for lengthy back-and-forth conversations.

Sometimes, our users are having an issue on the platform and can’t articulate it. Rather than frustrate them with a back-and-forth conversation, I can figure out what's going on by watching a FullStory replay, and solve their issue quickly. Alyssa Ciorciari
Customer Support Manager, WayUp

FullStory session replay helps the support team at e-commerce company Zenstores resolve inquiries in half the time.

Our primary support channels are email, phone, and in-app chat, all of which are limited by the user's ability to explain the problem. Ideally, we’d want to be in the same room as the customer, seeing what they’re seeing. FullStory makes that possible. Alex Myers
Marketing, Zenstores

Time to Help Now With Live Co-Browsing

For even more immediate resolutions, FullStory Go Live helps you see and troubleshoot customer issues in real time. With the click of a button, you can co-browse with customers and watch active sessions without either party having to download an application or plugin. It's that simple.

Extend the Benefits of FullStory Across Your Organization

When your customer support agents see a problem that needs to be escalated, such as an issue in the UI or an error-triggering bug, FullStory makes it easy to share the session replay across teams. You can record notes and link to specific moments so that designers and developers get all the information they need to solve the problem.

Integrate FullStory With Your Help Desk Tools

Integrations for Customer Support

FullStory is most powerful when it's integrated into your existing customer support toolset. Below are a few popular integrations we offer. Learn more about integrations.

Integrate FullStory with your help desk, chat, product management, and customer support tools to automatically connect session replay recordings to user support tickets. FullStory has easy integrations with popular tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Drift, Olark, Uservoice, and more.

Even if a plug-and-play integration between FullStory and your support tools doesn't currently exist, you can still find the exact session you're looking for using FullStory's OmniSearch.

Don't Your Customers Deserve the Best Support?

Arm your support team with the technology to help them exceed customers' expectations and present your company in the best possible light.

What if FullStory doesn't integrate with my support tools?

Through seamless, out-of-the-box integrations with many popular customer support tools, each support ticket is automatically linked to the FullStory session replay of that user's interaction with your product. If a turnkey integration with your support tool doesn't yet exist, it's easy to build one on your own using a webhook to have the user's session directly embedded in the support ticket.

Even without integration, it's easy to search in FullStory to find the exact session replay you need. For example, you can search by the user's email address or by session date and time.

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Will FullStory slow down my site?

No, it won't! The FullStory script has been carefully constructed and measured to ensure that it has negligible impact on the performance of any page on which it is embedded. Need more assurance? Read the nitty-gritty details linked below.

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The support team wants FullStory, but how do we convince the developers?

FullStory is as helpful for software development as it is for support. Your developers spend as much as half their time trying to track and replicate bugs, and FullStory simplifies and expedites this process like never before. Each time a bug is reported, developers can watch the bug occur as the user experienced it, and use the accompanying JavaScript console error log to replicate it precisely. They can find all the instances of the bug using search and, with data in hand, prioritize product fixes.

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What about privacy?

FullStory helps you gain maximum insights to improve the customer experience while upholding the highest standards of respect for every user’s privacy and intent.

Safeguarding user privacy is paramount, and a joint responsibility between FullStory and our customers. We diligently ensure that each FullStory customer's user data is securely stored and accessible only to that customer.

Per our Acceptable Use Policy, we require our customers to exclude sensitive information from being recorded. We automatically exclude Passwords and all credit card data. Customers also will want to exclude other sensitive information from within the FullStory app or by adding the class .fs-hide to CSS selectors on their site.

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