FullStory: The Swiss Army Knife for E-Commerce Survival

Get the multi-tool platform that gives your e-commerce operation a competitive advantage in customer experience online.

Brick and mortar? These days, it's more like click and order. Last year in retail e-commerce alone, U.S. consumers spent $452.1 billion online, or almost 9% of retail sales.[1]

And the impact of digital doesn't stop there. When e-commerce sales are combined with digitally influenced sales, meaning in-store sales influenced by the customer's use of a computer, laptop, smartphone or other device, digital's impact jumps to 60% of total sales.[2]

Today, more than 50% of Americans prefer online shopping to the stress and hassle of going to the store.[3] The opportunities that come with taming the online wilds are greater than ever—but so are the challenges.

How do you ensure your business is best positioned to succeed?

The Wheels of e-commerce Keep Getting Stuck

It's clear potential customers have their wallets open and are ready to buy online.

It's also clear, however, that many e-commerce sites struggle to meet their users' needs quickly and effectively.

  • 83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase.[4]
  • When it comes to mobile, nearly all customers say they've had difficulty navigating menus.[5]
  • More than 1 in 4 U.S. online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter alone solely due to a “too long / complicated checkout process.”[6]

When your competition is lurking back on the search results page, just a couple of clicks away, how do you make sure your customers stay? And how do you create the kind of experience that entices them to return?

To answer these types of questions, you must see your customer's experience in a new, transformative way—a way made possible through the technology of FullStory.

See Your Site Through Your User's Eyes With FullStory

Your e-commerce site is always on, ready to greet customers at any time day or night. It stands at the front lines of the customer experience. But how well do you know what that experience actually is? Laboring over bounce rates, NPS, and customer feedback, you resort to untold hours of analytics alchemy only to be left with nagging hunches and best guesses as to the customer's digital experience on your site.

It's here you realize your analytical tools have failed to give you answers.

... If only you could observe real users engage.

... If only you had an irrefutable, actionable, and definitive source of information.

If only you had FullStory's searchable session replay. What's session replay? Session replay is the reproduction of real user interactions on your website or app, exactly how your users actually experienced it. Session replay on FullStory empowers you to see your site through your customer's eyes.

Operating an e-commerce website without using a session replay tool like FullStory is like running a brick-and-mortar store with the lights off. Seamus James
Software Engineer, Betabrand

FullStory: The E-Commerce Competitive Advantage

With replay you can see every click and scroll, every swipe and tap, and every pause and distraction. From thrashing mouse movements to frustrating "Rage Clicks," FullStory records user behaviors so you can play them back, understand them, and use that knowledge to improve your customer experience.

Now you can see a customer's journey from beginning to bounce, click to conversion, and everything in between. FullStory gives your e-commerce business definitive answers about your customer's experience online.

Using the concrete answers you get with FullStory, e-commerce companies small and large discover new paths to improving the customer experience. Whether in product management, customer support, marketing, design, or development, FullStory gives teams the ability to watch, research, and analyze the real online experiences of customers. This source of truth helps teams across an organization solve previously intractable problems and uncover new opportunities.

While the use-cases for FullStory are as varied as the online businesses served, FullStory customers in e-commerce are realizing immediate value in three critical areas: customer support, software development, and site or app optimization.

Optimize Conversions, A/B Test and Experiment Confidently

You're investing significant amounts of money to drive traffic to your site, but what happens once they arrive? How do you ensure your desktop and mobile sites are optimized to convert a moment of attention into a lifetime of customer value?

FullStory session replay enables you to observe users in action and see what obstructs customers on the path to purchase. With FullStory, you can:

  • Isolate what's breaking your checkout flow.
  • Study why users don't complete your forms.
  • Build complex funnels based on whatever events you want, without any advance implementation.
  • Analyze A/B tests and other experiments, and compare results both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • See what engages and what distracts on landing pages.

Never again will you have to run A/B tests based on hunches alone. Use session replay to discover if customers are struggling with the navigation and to generate ideas for how you might make that navigation better. You'll learn exactly where users abandon a form. You'll find out where all the hiccups lie, and you'll be able to base all of your conversion rate optimization techniques on evidence that you see with your own eyes.

We believe that session recordings are one of the best conversion research techniques out there. Replay is natural user behavior that's not skewed by tasks or any kind of bias. David Mannheim
Founder, User Conversion

Learn more about using session replay for conversion optimization →

Reproduce Bugs and Errors to Debug Faster

Building and maintaining software is expensive. Estimates suggest as much as 50% of developer time is spent simply tracking and managing bugs and coding errors.[7] Worse, when bugs and errors harm the customer experience, the impact can be catastrophic, frustrating customers, hurting your brand, and negatively impacting sales.

Using FullStory session replay, you can zap bugs faster than ever by reproducing errors and issues exactly as they happened on your website or app. Debugging is no longer an exhausting, interminable process of trial and error.

Instead, FullStory session replay integrates with your bug tracking, helpdesk, and project management software—tools like JIRA, Bugsnag, Trello, and more—so that each bug report will include a link to the exact user session in question. Your developers and engineers will receive a play-by-play re-creation of the chain of events that led to the bug, along with the JavaScript console logs, UserAgent data, and more.

The benefits continue. You can use FullStory's powerful search capabilities to scope how many customers have been effected by a particular bug. You can even use FullStory to identify and follow-up with the affected customers.

Imagine if you save your developers' time, freeing them up to improve your product. When your engineers can replicate and fix bugs in a matter of minutes instead of countless hours or days, anything is possible.

Through watching session replays we were able to move quickly and fix it. We might have been pulling our hair out for weeks had we not thought to use FullStory. Dan DeMeyere
VP Engineering, thredUP

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Offer Best-in-Class Customer Support

This year, 1 out of 2 customers will switch companies due to poor customer service, at a hefty cost to U.S. businesses of over $1.6 trillion.[8]

Delivering superlative customer service through best-in-class customer support is now a differentiating quality for leading e-commerce businesses that can help maximize customer lifetime value and reduce expenses.

But excellence in customer service online is hard. Consider: When a customer becomes confused, has a problem, or can't figure out what to do, they reach out to support for help. In this frazzled moment, a support professional must provide answers quickly, clearly, and in as few touches as possible, usually through either live chat or email.

Yet when the customer support agent asks the customer to explain the problem—or needs some visual assistance by way of a screenshot—frustration escalates. It's no wonder reaching out to support is so dreaded.

With FullStory, you never have to ask for a screenshot again. Your support professionals get the context needed to understand and diagnose the problem without even asking. Customer chats and support tickets include a link to the session recording so you can replay and see the issue the customer experienced instead of having to ask them questions about what happened. You can even "Go Live" and co-browse with the user if needed.

What types of results can you expect? Improve your resolution rate, average time to resolution, first contact resolution rate, NPS, and overall customer satisfaction. Plus, your support professionals will thank you!

Sometimes, our users are having an issue on the platform and can’t articulate it. Rather than frustrate them with a back-and-forth conversation, I can figure out what's going on by watching a FullStory replay, and solve their issue quickly. Alyssa Ciorciari
Customer Support Manager, WayUp

Learn more about using session replay for support →

Speak a Common Language Across Your Teams

FullStory session recordings serve as the common denominator of the customer's experience, creating new, cross-functional workflows. With replay as the "Rosetta Stone" for CX, previously siloed teams in your organization are able to communicate clearly about customer issues as easily as sharing a link:

» Support → Developers: A customer support ticket identifying a bug includes a link to the session replay. Your support team can share this recording directly with developers so they can quickly understand, triage, and fix it.

» Product → Design: When the product team identifies an issue with the UX, they can present designers with sessions that show exactly what's going wrong and spark ideas for improvement.

» Marketing & Sales → Developers, Design, Product: Marketing teams can see how real users engage, get distracted, miss calls-to-action, or misunderstand products. These insights will help them craft better messaging and also collaborate with front-end developers more effectively.

FullStory provides the empirical evidence of what's working on your site and and what's not, serving as a rallying cry to spur action through informed, customer-driven solutions.

See Your Store's Digital Experience Through Your User's Eyes With FullStory

Nothing on your site or app need happen in the dark anymore. With FullStory you can get the answers you need to improve the experience for your e-commerce business.

Eradicate bugs, optimize conversions, and support customers fully and empathetically—all at the lightening-fast pace. Turn on the lights and get the competitive advantage of FullStory.

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