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Announcing Fullstory’s 2024 Partner Award Winners

Fullstory’s Partner Program is a global network of world-class organizations working together to accelerate customers’ digital transformations and help them get the most from their customer experience and data technologies. 

Through our annual Fullstory Partner Awards, we’re thrilled to recognize some of the wonderful organizations that have shown the highest levels of innovation and commitment to the success of our joint customers  over the past year. 

Here are the winners for each category. 

The 2024 awards

Service Partner of the Year Awards

This award honors our service and solution partners who most effectively identify opportunities to improve digital experiences, and in tandem with Fullstory in each region, promote and deliver exceptional consulting and agency services for our joint clients. Congratulations to: 

  • Wizeline (North America) Wizeline is a global technology services provider, who focuses on measurable outcomes, partnering with customers to modernize core technologies, mature data-driven capabilities, and improve user experience.

  • LeanConvert (EMEA) LeanConvert delivers high impact conversion rate optimisation for digital businesses through customer-centric testing, conversion rate optimization and personalization. 

  • H3 Solutions (LATAM) H3, located in Brazil, believes that business growth is driven by technological innovation. H3’s purpose is to be the catalyst for this growth, bringing the most advanced and effective digital solutions on the global market to companies of all sizes.

  • Devhaus (APAC) Devhaus help teams grow their desired metrics with best-in-class tools, through Data-driven design & development.

Technology Partner of the Year Award

This award goes to our customer data platform partner, Twilio Segment, for their continued commitment to building upon our strong ‘better together’ integration value proposition and delivering ever increasing digital success to our joint customers. With the click of a button, clients can capture sessions and send custom events and user traits from Segment to Fullstory to deliver increased time-to-insight and a more robust 360 view of the customer experience.

Innovation Partner of the Year Award

This award goes to Quantiphi, an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company driven by the desire to reimagine and realize transformational opportunities at the heart of the business.  Quantiphi is actively working with Fullstory and our clients on building new and innovative data solutions that solve real-world problems for clients.

Rising Star Partner of the Year Award

This award goes to Gangverk, an innovative digital transformation services and solutions partner. Gangverk has actively collaborated with Fullstory, highlighting the power of behavioral data for our joint clients, and in showcasing their dedication and synergy in driving success together.

Excellency in Delivery Award

This award goes to LeanConvert,  who has shown exceptional commitment across the globe  to delivering the highest levels of excellence in   product onboarding and platform delivery services to our joint customers. Their work increases the time to value of the Fullstory platform, while providing consulting services that drive increased ROI on the use of behavioral data.

In addition to the above award winners, we’d like to share a few“honorable mentions” for partners who have demonstrated their dedication to providing experienced onboarding and platform delivery services:

  • Looptimize Looptimize improves your company’s online journeys through data-driven experimentation.

  • CXperts CXperts combines user research and insights, ongoing digital experimentation, and leading CX technologies to give end customers a real say in optimizing their digital experiences.

  • Verticurl Verticurl, a division of Ogilvy, was established with the mission to be the world’s leading marketing technology services agency for multinational organizations.

Cloud Alliance Partner of the Year Award

Finally, we’re proud to present the Strategic Partner of the Year Award to Google Cloud for their alignment with Fullstory’s vision of building a long-term alliance that brings lasting value to our user organizations. Together with Fullstory and Google Cloud, clients can access comprehensive, actionable data and enable teams to make proactive customer journey enhancements across platforms.

We want to extend heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to all of our partner winners! The Fullstory Partner Ecosystem is a robust network of leading technology and service providers, providing services and solutions that accelerate their clients’ digital transformations and digital experience success. 

To learn more, check out our global partner network here, or read about the Fullstory Partner Program to discover how we can work together to grow customer success with behavioral data.


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