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Fullstory CEO Scott Voigt's journey from startup to tech leader on 'Cloud and Clear'

The Fullstory Team
Posted April 29, 2024
Fullstory CEO Scott Voigt's journey from startup to tech leader on 'Cloud and Clear'

In a recent episode of "Cloud and Clear," Tony Safoian of SADA, hosted Fullstory CEO and co-founder Scott Voigt, for a deep dive into the brand's evolution and its impact on understanding and shaping online customer experiences. Here are some of the most impactful moments and insights from their discussion.

A journey of risk and innovation

Scott's entrepreneurial journey began after he graduated from Georgia Tech. Faced with a critical career decision, Scott chose to step into the uncertain world of startups over a more stable position at a large consulting firm. His father’s advice to embrace risk heavily influenced this choice, which would define Scott's career trajectory.

Taking a leap into the unknown led Scott to SaaS and cloud banking. His initial role in a small, ten-person company that quickly grew and went public ignited his passion for being part of the dynamic and fast-paced startup ecosystem. His experience at this early-stage company not only exposed him to the highs and lows of startup life but also hooked him on the thrill of building something new and impactful.

After a stint working for a venture fund and attending business school, Scott returned to Georgia Tech, where he met his future Fullstory co-founders. They were working in the cubicle next to his on their own project. The trio quickly bonded, and Scott joined their venture, which would soon catch Google’s attention. In 2005, Google acquired their small but mighty company, a pivotal moment that validated their innovative approach and technological prowess.

Reflecting on these formative years, Scott emphasizes the series of fortunate events and decisions that led to the founding of Fullstory. The company was born out of a desire to solve a critical gap in understanding digital user interactions comprehensively and intuitively—a vision that grew from these early experiences and risks taken.

Challenging the data collection status quo

A significant part of the conversation highlighted how Fullstory began to challenge the existing paradigms of data collection. Scott emphasized the limitations of traditional data analytics tools that require businesses to predefine what data they consider necessary. 

"The problems and opportunities of digital experience are in the data. If you don't have the data, you can't get at the problems and opportunities."

This approach often leads to missed opportunities to capture valuable user interactions. Fullstory’s solution was to create a comprehensive digital recording that captures everything, thus providing businesses with the full story of their users’ experiences.

Embracing AI and future technologies

Scott discussed how Fullstory has adapted its tools to better capture and utilize data and is also at the forefront of integrating AI to enhance the analytical capabilities offered to clients. This integration allows businesses to understand and predict customer behaviors more accurately, leading to better decision-making and enhanced user experiences.

Partnership with Google Cloud

A vital aspect of Fullstory’s evolution discussed was the partnership with Google Cloud, which has enabled leveraging cutting-edge cloud services to enhance capabilities and scale solutions. This collaboration has been instrumental in allowing the development and deployment of advanced AI models that drive greater value for clients.

Impact across industries

The podcast wrapped up with discussions on the broad impact of Fullstory’s technology across various sectors, including e-commerce, finance, and retail. By providing deep insights into customer interactions, Fullstory helps businesses refine their digital strategies, improving outcomes like increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

"If you care about a digital visit, Fullstory can help you."

This episode of "Cloud and Clear" underscored Fullstory's commitment to innovation and excellence and highlighted the continuous journey toward helping brands get the data they need to transform customer experiences.

If you're interested in learning more about Fullstory's recent Data Direct product launch and the innovations mentioned above check out our launch blog.

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