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The world of data and AI literacy, according to Jordan Morrow

Jordan Morrow
Posted April 15, 2024
The world of data and AI literacy, according to Jordan Morrow

How many of you feel swamped by the constant buzz about AI? Tired of the endless conversations on AI and data? It's undeniable that we're in a period of significant growth and transformation, courtesy of AI, and data has become an invaluable asset for organizations to ride the wave. Unfortunately, this surge can leave many feeling bombarded by the complexities of data and AI. It's common to experience a sense of fatigue or even apprehension when it comes to understanding these topics.

As the buzz around AI and data grows, organizations are diving deeper into these technologies more than ever. Yet, when they encourage their teams to embrace these tools, it becomes clear that not everyone has a background in data science or artificial intelligence. Begging the question, is it necessary for everyone to become a data scientist or an AI programmer? The answer is no! What's essential is fostering a sense of confidence and comfort with these technologies. This is where the concept of data and AI literacy comes into play, addressing common concerns and questions such as:

  • What is my role in the world of data and AI?

  • Do I have a seat at the table of data and AI?

  • Will my job be threatened or overtaken by robots?

  • What is data literacy? What can I do to be prepared for the changes AI is bringing?

These questions are good to ask, and I will say that everyone has a seat at the table of data and AI. Everyone can utilize these powerful things in their careers. What they need to do is overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed. They need a starting point. 

Knowing that the world of data and AI is heavily documented and full of competing voices can lead to choice overload. It's the same feeling you get when presented with too many meal options. Have you ever eaten at the Cheesecake Factory? If you haven’t, the menu is quite large; think multiple pages. As you sit down to eat, you wonder to yourself what to order, but the sheer number of options puts your head in a spin. The same thing can be said of figuring out where to start your journey with data and AI. There are so many different areas pulling your attention, and maybe it feels like information overload. The key, though, is to not feel like you have to boil the ocean. Start simple and progress. 

Data and AI literacy are your entry point to feeling empowered. Data literacy, by definition, is the ability to read, work with, analyze, and communicate data. AI literacy is the ability to effectively utilize AI. Now, it's not so bad when broken down into these definitions, but you still may be asking: where do I begin? Don’t feel overwhelmed or unsure, like you are ordering at the Cheesecake Factory. Instead, feel empowered. You don’t have to be a technical professional to succeed with data and AI. So, where can you start?

The key is to first learn based on your interest or need. Maybe your curiosity is sparked, and you ask a few questions about data and/or AI. That’s great. Use those questions to dig into topics and figure out how you can apply them in your work. For example, maybe you want to learn how to “read” data better, so you look up what it means to read data. That leads to more questions until you reach an "ah ha" moment. Maybe you want to learn about the world of generative AI, so you look it up and you read. The important thing is to move past feeling paralyzed and start.

This blog is the first in my ongoing series for Fullstory, where I aim to demystify data and AI and make these fields accessible to you. Consider these posts as interconnected pieces of a larger puzzle, each building on the last. There's no need for intimidation or technical wizardry here; like any subject, mastering data and AI comes down to dedicated study and a curious mind. I encourage you to explore topics that pique your interest and delve deeper into them. My goal is to help you navigate these areas with ease and confidence, empowering you to leverage data and AI both in your career and daily life.

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Jordan MorrowData & AI Expert

About the author

Jordan Morrow is known as the "Godfather of Data Literacy," having helped pioneer the field by building one of the world's first data literacy programs and driving thought leadership. He is also the founder and CEO of Bodhi Data and currently is the Senior Vice President of Data & AI Transformation for AgileOne. Jordan is a global trailblazer in the world of data literacy and enjoys his time traveling the world, speaking, and/or helping companies. He served as the Chair of the Advisory Board for The Data Literacy Project, has spoken at numerous conferences around the world, and is an active voice in the data and analytics community. He has also helped companies and organizations around the world, including the United Nations, build and understand data literacy.

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