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Fullstory for Support teams

Create delighted customers who keep coming back

Help your customers at every turn with complete information on their interactions.

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Watch exactly what the user is going through to provide tailored solutions and tips for a smoother experience.



Understand real user behaviors for collaborative conversations with Product, Engineering, and more.



Keep customers coming back with proactive support that can be tied to dollars and sense.

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Experience everything through your user’s eyes

Pinpoint every pain point with Session Replay and Watched Elements. See what customers are doing, what’s happening to them, and why. Then offer custom resolutions quickly and easily.

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Proactively advocate for better experiences

Nobody understands customer pains quite like you do. Represent your users and customers even more effectively in product conversations with Fullstory data that supports the feedback you hear every day.

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Keep customers coming back with experiences they love

With Fullstory, you don’t just have the power to quickly understand and solve a customer’s problem. When you offer data-backed suggestions for optimizations, you are also playing a key role in building a brand that customers love and trust.

See what your customers see–and more

CX and support teams across industries and regions choose Fullstory to make their work easier. Here's why.

With Fullstory

  • checkmarkIdentify the issue, resolve it quickly, and Slack it to engineering to remediate future issues
  • checkmarkMeet (and exceed) your KPIs for CSAT and NPS
  • checkmarkRetain customers and protect revenue with 
superior service
  • checkmarkPlay a crucial role in shaping better app, site, or software experiences by advocating for customers

Without Fullstory

  • x-iconGo back and forth with the customer over 17 emails and four calls to understand the issue
  • x-iconDo everything in your power to make a customer happy, but get an angry review anyway
  • x-iconLose customers to avoidable friction and overall subpar experiences
  • x-iconAsk engineers to make changes for users–but without concrete data to support the priority

“An amazing tool to get to the bottom of things!”

G2-Leader Fall 2023

“The very best thing about Fullstory is that you can now verify actions taken in a user's account. You can see where an issue occurred, where any confusion may lie, and just a full account of what happened for a support ticket. It has greatly reduced the need to make tickets to our development team for help and empowers our support team to resolve issues on their own.”

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Integrate with your favorite support tools

Plug Fullstory into your tech stack to collaborate with your colleagues on signals of user frustration, issues with site performance, or user confusion demonstrated in session links. Better serve your customers, and better support your team with a killer suite of tools.

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