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5 ways uses Fullstory to improve their hyper-personalized e-gaming experience

The Fullstory Team
Posted September 12, 2023
5 ways uses Fullstory to improve their hyper-personalized e-gaming experience

The online gaming and gambling market—including online casinos, sports betting, and online lotteries—has undergone steady growth over the past decade. Analysts predict that by 2027, the industry will boast over 230 million global users and $95 billion in revenue. 

In such a booming sector, e-gaming companies have to work hard to stand out., a licensed online betting company based in Seychelles, is a fast-growing company that takes a unique approach to the gaming experience. By emphasizing personalization and customer relationships, provides tailored experiences for its more than 20,000 users. 

This customer-centric philosophy helps achieve its mission of being more than just a website, but rather a community its users can enjoy and engage with over and over. To achieve their goal of providing an excellent customer experience that’s continuously improving, leverages Fullstory’s Digital Experience Intelligence to make practical updates to their website. 

5 examples of how is hitting the jackpot with Fullstory

1. Replace an old digital analytics tool that wasn’t cutting it has long known the importance of providing a great digital experience, and previously used another analytics tool that they found two major issues with: 

  • The analytics the tool provided were not robust or complete enough to provide a clear picture of the digital experience

  • The tool couldn’t scale appropriately to meet the needs of’s growing business 

Thankfully, another e-gaming company suggested that Fullstory might have the capabilities and scalability was looking for. After a quick and smooth onboarding process, the team was off and running with the insights they needed to reach their digital experience goals. 

2. Optimize customer communications 

Because values the user experience so greatly, they use behavioral data from Fullstory to proactively identify how to best support their customers. For example, they monitor when a user takes certain actions that may signify they need help or are confused about something on the website. When this happens, is alerted through Fullstory and reaches out directly to help the struggling customer. 

3. Monitor customer processes to improve efficiency wants to ensure that any account-related action a customer needs to take is as quick and seamless as possible. For example, the process of depositing money is something every active user needs to do. used Fullstory to see how much time elapses from starting to completing a deposit for the average customer. 

They learned that the amount of time was much higher than they would like, and used the data to point out the issue to a relevant third party and prioritize a fix. This change resulted in an 18% decrease in speed to complete a deposit for’s users. 

4. Reorganize the homepage to increase engagement 

For some time, the team wondered why the “New Games” section of their website was less popular than expected. After all, they were confident their users would be interested in trying out new games. By using Scroll Maps in Fullstory, they realized that most visitors simply weren’t scrolling far enough down the page to see the New Games section at all. 

With that knowledge, restructured the layout of its homepage so that more games would be visible “above the fold” on the website and require less scrolling to be discovered. 

5. Improve relationships with partner companies uses affiliate partners to refer companies to its website. Recently, some affiliates were reporting to the team that the referral numbers were inaccurate—meaning the partners weren’t receiving credit for all of their referrals. However, there was no way to substantiate these claims. 

Once began using Fullstory, they were able to use Session Replay and Journey Mapping to verify that the affiliates were right—the referral links weren’t being tracked properly. 

Knowing this, was able to rectify the referral link issue and maintain healthy partnerships with their affiliates. 

To learn more about how Digital Experience Intelligence helps online gaming companies win big, watch this 8-minute demo on Fullstory for Gaming companies.

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