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5 Steps to taking action with Fullstory's behavioral data

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Through my data blog series, we've touched on various topics, including data and AI literacy (are you tired of hearing about AI yet?). We've discussed where to begin and the 3 Cs of data and AI literacy: curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. We then explored data and AI-driven decision-making. Do you feel comfortable making decisions that utilize data and AI? If not, it's time to get there. We've even covered behavioral data and Fullstory. Now, what can be done with all this information? Is there a way to map out how to take this journey forward? Yes, there is!

I'd like to share a five-step plan for getting people to take action and how we can apply it here with Fullstory and behavioral data.

Step 1: Decide your outcome

First, you have to decide what you're after. This can vary depending on where you and your organization stand with data. Are you a well-oiled data machine? Is your organization struggling with data and analytical work? If you're not sure, take a moment and find out with Fullstory's maturity matrix.

Once you know where you stand, your outcome might be implementing and driving behavioral data into your data work, or if you're a novice, it may be more of a literacy piece. If the latter is the case, apply that literacy to learning more about behavioral data and what it can do for you.

Step 2: Set a strategy

After determining your outcome, you need to implement a strategy to help you achieve that outcome. Let's say you want to learn more about behavioral data. You then put a plan in place that allows you to learn more and more about Fullstory and behavioral data. You could set aside an hour a week or more to read, listen to, or study materials on Fullstory’s website.

Step 3: Ensure you have the right tools and technology

Once you've defined your outcome and strategy, assessing whether you have the appropriate tools and technology to succeed is crucial. If you plan to implement behavioral analytics, do you have a tool like Fullstory to assist you? Without the right tools, achieving your desired outcomes can be challenging. If there are gaps in your knowledge or technology, take proactive steps to address them. Equip yourself with the necessary tools and technology to support your strategy effectively.

Step 4: Develop the right skills to succeed

Simply purchasing a tool won't guarantee success—you need to develop the right skills to utilize it effectively. What skills are essential for success with behavioral analytics? Take the time to understand behavioral analytics and how to leverage them deeply. Don't just collect metrics; use them to empower yourself and your organization. Mastering these skills will enable you to integrate valuable insights into your overall data strategy, driving more informed and impactful decisions.

Step 5: Create the right environment

To fully leverage data and behavioral analytics, you need to foster an environment that supports these initiatives. Does your organization have processes to manage the influx of new data and the changes that come with it? As Fullstory says, "Data that uncovers the why behind the clicks" is only valuable if you can effectively act on it.

Ensure that your organization is ready to handle and integrate new data insights. Establish a culture of continuous learning and adaptability and implement processes to manage and utilize data effectively. This supportive environment will be crucial for your success with behavioral.


You don’t have to move mountains to find success with data and analytical work. Instead, start small and move forward. In this case, begin to study behavioral data and Fullstory. Get to know it, and then get to work. Stay nerdy, always, my friends!

Summary Checklist:

  1. Outcome: Define your desired outcome.

  2. Strategy: Develop a learning or implementation strategy.

  3. Tools: Ensure you have the necessary tools (like Fullstory).

  4. Skills: Cultivate the required skills through training and practice.

  5. Environment: Create a supportive environment for data-driven changes.

Ready to take your data journey to the next level? today and uncover the why behind the clicks!

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