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Take action faster with real-time metric alerts

The Fullstory Team
Posted September 12, 2023
Take action faster with real-time metric alerts

Metric alerts revolutionize how you respond to digital issues

When it comes to customer experience, timeliness can make or break your chances for success.

Take a recent example from TikTok influencer Alix Earle and her 11 friends arrived at their Italian destination only to discover that the accommodation they had reserved through didn’t exist. But wasn’t the first to respond–Airbnb was, with an offer of free accommodation in a seaside villa. In the end, for the cost of simply reimbursing the host, Airbnb benefited from a TikTok that received 20 million views.

Opportunities to delight your customers–or avoid disaster with them–arise every day. But unless you have the tools you need to spot these opportunities, you’re not positioned to truly serve your customers.

That’s the spirit of Fullstory’s latest feature release: Metric alerts. With metric alerts enabled, you and your team are notified about shifts in the metrics that matter most to your business. These alerts, their frequencies, and where you receive them are up to you to customize and define, so you can zero in on the most important KPIs without the noise of irrelevant notifications.

Stop issues before they spread

When a bug or friction is impacting a key metric, you need to know right away. 

Imagine, for example, a customer support professional receives a metric alert noting a spike in average page load times for a significant percentage of their customer base. Once alerted to the problem via email, the Fullstory app, and/or through Slack, the customer service professional can assess the full impact. After isolating the issue through session replays, they share essential technical details, such as errors in the network log, with engineers using the Note and Share function, who then get a fix in the works quickly.

The result? Fewer users impacted by an error, and the ability to quickly respond to those that were impacted with amelioration measures like apology emails and discount codes.

You can even use metric alerts to ensure a problem has been fully addressed. After resolving an issue, set up an alert for frustration events dipping below a given threshold to validate that the implemented fix has resolved the problem completely.

Stay on top of the KPIs that matter most to your business 

Product managers know that real-time empathy can make all the difference in whether a customer buys, abandons, or becomes a repeat purchaser. A spike in metrics like rage and dead clicks, for example, might indicate whether new features, workflows, and designs are intuitive or not. This kind of early warning system enables product managers to take immediate steps to diagnose and rectify issues without adversely impacting the customer experience.

Metric alerts can prove especially helpful for new feature launches. Once you’ve launched a new feature with metric alerts, you’ll never want to go in blind again. You’ll be able to innovate with confidence knowing that if trouble does strike, you’ll receive an email, Slack, or in-app alert allowing you to stop it in its tracks.

Proactively manage the user experience

Metric alerts make managing user retention and engagement on a daily basis easier, too.

A metric alert, for example, can function as a cue to take immediate action to preserve user retention. Imagine a mobile app product manager setting out to improve the stickiness of their app. They might create a metric alert to notify them when there’s a decline in daily active users or session duration. If session duration drops, they can create a segment of those users with shorter durations to understand the root of the problem. Watching sessions from that segment can reveal which parts of the app are failing to delight users, or even driving users to close the app.

With the quick action that metric alerts enable, product managers can rest easier knowing they’ll be able to nip any major user experience issues that arise in the bud.

Grow revenue faster with data-informed decision making

It’s not just the teams closest to your digital experience who can benefit from metric alerts. For many high-level decision makers, staying close to drastic, important shifts in KPIs gives them an ideal window into the state of their digital experience.

Say, for example, a Head of Growth receives a metric alert in their Slack and inbox notifying them of a decrease in visits to the Purchase Confirmation page. This real-time insight can offer a snapshot into the health of their business and empower them to prioritize something that requires swift attention and action.

Whether it’s a drop in purchase confirmations, monthly active users, or new user sign ups, this level of visibility gives decision makers insight into larger pipeline gaps that require higher-level strategic action.

Make metric alerts work for your team and wider business

Ultimately the use cases for metric alerts are as varied as the needs of Fullstory’s users. If you’ve defined a metric, you can set up an alert for it. Whether you’re a product manager closely monitoring conversions, a customer support professional managing user complaints, or a growth marketer with paid user targets to hit, metric alerts are here to help you take action faster.

Learn more about the latest Fullstory feature releases designed to enable real-time customer empathy.

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