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4 ways DXI helps globally dispersed teams

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Posted September 03, 2021
4 ways DXI helps globally dispersed teams

According to a New York Times and Morning Consult survey, one in three remote workers said they would consider moving to a new city or state. Job searches for remote work are up 460% from 2019.

Couple those two trends with sky-high venture funding levels and global expansion, and the writing’s on the wall: tomorrow’s product, UX, and engineering teams might never be under the same roof.

Still, each team needs to collaborate to address user concerns and stymie any friction in the user experience.

Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platforms like FullStory are adept at helping fast-scaling, global teams thrive, no matter where they might be—especially in these four ways.

Dashboards offer at-a-glance stats

Essentially, Dashboards take a broad array of data and present it in a way that addresses the questions you and your team have. Whatever the platform—Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or a Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform—Dashboards make it easy to answer questions about specific KPIs and monitor them for trends or anomalies over time.

When Dashboards are accessible across teams, there’s a single source of truth to follow—a set of KPIs readily available as a North Star. Specifically, best-in-class DXI tools like FullStory offer Dashboards detailing single metrics (such as average cart value), funnels (such as checkout flows), trends (“Are purchases going up or down?”), among others.

No matter where teams may be, easily digestible Dashboards can point teams of all stripes—technical and non-technical alike—toward a common goal, right at a glance.

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Session Replay shows exactly what’s happening

As described in FullStory’s Definitive Guide to Session Replay, all web analytics tools exist to solve a fundamental problem: provide actionable, reliable, and timely insights about users. Understanding the real-life person engaging online, on the other end of the screen, means asking a lot of questions:

  • How did the user encounter a problem?

  • What did the user expect to happen that didn’t happen?

  • What was the user’s experience really like?

Now, with DXI, it’s easier than ever to analyze DX data through Session Replay.

Terms such as “session record” or “screen recording” get tossed around as synonyms. In reality, especially in the context of privacy, they’re miles apart. Recording everything a user sees on their mobile device or a website falls short on several fronts around privacy—something leading DXI solutions such as FullStory never risk. Session Replay transforms logged user events, such as mouse movements, clicks, page visits, scrolling, tapping, etc., into a reproduction of what the user actually did on the site or app.

Specifically for globally dispersed teams, DXI solutions offer the ability to watch, internally comment on, and share logged—not recorded—user sessions.

Session Replay helps teams collaborate securely across teams and narrow in on exactly what users are experiencing—no matter where your team is, and no matter where users are.

Integrations provide tech stack depth

Teams of all stripes—engineering, product, UX, and others—cling to a specific, battle-tested stack of preferred tools to get their work done. Adding others into the mix, or replacing one tool for another, causes another hurdle, especially when asynchronous onboarding is quickly becoming the norm.

DXI solutions like FullStory help supplement the stack of tools you already use with a host of impressive integrations:

Conversion Reports snapshot user interactions 

No matter your industry, function, or vertical, users will experience some friction to completing the goal you’ve set out for them (onboarding, purchasing, etc.). Having dispersed teams collaborating asynchronously across time zones and continents doesn’t make remediating these issues easier.

DXI solutions like FullStory offer Conversion Reports, which provide product, engineering, and UX teams with a prioritized list of the most impactful issues reducing your conversion rates through any workflow. Better yet, to accommodate users familiar with complex technology and leaders needing an instant pulse check, these solutions can be both verbose and detailed.

  • Detailed reports show all the technical details of conversions, including affected users and conversion impact.

  • Verbose reports serve up the same intel in a more expansive way, often better suited for stakeholders, and ties each issue to individual sessions.  

No matter where your team is now, or where they’ll be in the future, DXI can help teams acclimate to fast-paced, collaborative work—even if they’re never in the same room.

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