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5 career superpowers unlocked with Fullstory Product Certification

The Fullstory Team
Posted November 17, 2022
5 career superpowers unlocked with Fullstory Product Certification

When you earn a product certification, it showcases your ability to digest, understand, and utilize the product for the benefit of your work. It’s not just owning the orange—it’s being able to squeeze all its juice to enjoy that refreshing cup of OJ. 

Getting certified in a complex product takes discipline, but the advantages it gives you in your career are infinite. With Fullstory’s new Product Certification, you can obtain an expert understanding of how to use Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) to create better web and mobile app experiences. 

If being a DXI expert sounds like a career-enhancing opportunity to you (hint: it is), you’ll likely want to hear about these five superpowers you’ll have at work with a Fullstory Product Certification. Cape not included.


Superpower #1: Become the go-to on all things DXI

DXI is the ability to learn, understand, and make judgments on your customers’ experiences. By collecting and analyzing a mountain of data about how users interact with your website or app, you are able to make better, faster decisions that improve your digital experience and obtain loyal customers. DXI goes far beyond analytics and pairs both quantitative and qualitative data to extract what is needed to make your website or app better.

It’s this robust understanding of what customers are doing—and why they’re doing it—that drives digital growth and transformation.

With this certification, you get to go beyond bugs and code—you get to become an industry expert in a category that is changing the digital landscape. 

That’s a competitive advantage you want to have. 


Superpower #2: Unlock your career potential

We’ve all been there: working long hours, switching from one project to another, completing haphazard work—all against shifting priorities and deadlines. 

While there are myriad reasons why this happens, one big reason is because of a team’s inability to clearly define goals, prioritize work against business outcomes, and follow consistent success criteria. 

A Fullstory Product Certification is a way for you to add to your own professional tech stack—to streamline your work and optimize your time. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative data allows you to simplify your goals (like whether you should be focusing on checkout experiences or login issues), as well as create actionable insights that are testable and repeatable. 

When you create clear goals that can be achieved and tested against, you build a formula that enables you to grow quickly in your profession, unlocking career opportunities at an accelerated pace.


Superpower #3: Achieve A-player status

There’s nothing like being acknowledged as a rockstar by leadership. When you establish yourself as a need-to-have at your company, you solidify your value, your reputation—and your staying power. 

A certification in the Fullstory product enables you to not only manipulate the vast amounts of website and app data you receive from Fullstory, but it empowers you to take action on those insights. Action that results in positively impacting the bottom line. 

When you positively impact the bottom line—in a way you can prove and repeat—leadership can clearly see your value. Being a Fullstory power user allows you to build credibility, establish upper-level relationships, and be considered for future high-visibility projects.


Superpower #4: Gain an edge with a deep understanding of privacy

Privacy is important. 

Massive volumes of user and customer data are logged by apps, ecommerce sites, social media platforms, and SaaS tools. Fullstory uses that data to help businesses improve digital experiences, and in return, those users and customers expect businesses to be responsible with their data.

This delicate balance between insights and privacy forces forward-thinking businesses to address the following: how can teams create engaging digital experiences while keeping sensitive information under lock and key.

With the Fullstory Product Certification, you’ll be able to elegantly understand and promote privacy and trust as it relates to DXI. You’ll obtain a deep understanding of why our Private by Default approach to DXI is an industry need-to-have, not just a nice-to-have. And you’ll be confident as you walk the line between experience improvement and privacy. 


Superpower #5: Master real-world ways to use the data 

You may know how valuable Fullstory is to your company, but do you know how to squeeze every drop of its juice? With the complex insights Fullstory offers, it’s likely you’re leaving some of that juice in the rind. 

Taking the time to establish a stable digital experience foundation—including product analytics, session replay, and privacy—is one thing. Sitting at your desk and figuring out why users aren’t converting on your newly-added, well-tested CTA is another.

The Fullstory Product Certification isn’t just about a foundational understanding, it’s about giving you the confidence to test hypotheses and solve real-world problems you and your teammates face every day. 

Whether you work in product, engineering, marketing, customer success, or another department, this certification will help you understand how you can use Fullstory in your day-to-day to achieve impact. 


Get Fullstory certified today

The Fullstory Product Certification allows you to:

  • Grow your resume

  • Master your analytical skills

  • Gain a competitive advantage

  • Become a Fullstory power user, and

  • Achieve better work outcomes—all to empower you to drive more business impact

Plus, it only requires a day’s worth of learning and a 30-minute exam. From there, the advantages are yours to enjoy. 

To get started, visit our learning center

Pro tip: join our Fullstory Community, a place where you can connect with other Fullstory customers on all things DXI. Plus, we have a special Product Certification Study Group for you to ask questions, share thoughts, and find resources that will help you move through the certification.

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