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Improve your digital experience with Qualtrics and Fullstory

Amy Ellis
Posted January 08, 2020
Improve your digital experience with Qualtrics and Fullstory

Today, we are excited to announce that Fullstory is joining the Qualtrics Partner Network. Now you can connect the valuable customer feedback you get from Qualtrics with your digital experience data in Fullstory.

With these technologies combined, it’s never been easier to understand the why behind customer feedback.

Build a big picture of your customer’s digital experience

No matter how many data points you collect, it’s confoundingly hard to understand what the online experience really feels like for users and customers on your site or app. And without this knowledge, it’s nearly impossible to identify and prioritize opportunities to improve that experience—and your bottom-line.

For product managers, one of the hardest problems can be reconciling qualitative feedback you get from customers with big picture quantitative analysis. For example:

  • Is one person’s negative Net Promoter Score (NPS) score correlated with an overall reduction in conversions?

  • Is a negative survey response indicative of your overall digital experience … or simply an outlier?

  • What’s the digital experience like for your most enthusiastic respondents?

Fullstory and Qualtrics come together to answer these kinds of questions, giving you a holistic view of your customer’s online experience.

Here’s how the Qualtrics + Fullstory integration works

Connecting Qualtrics with Fullstory enables you to search and segment your digital experience data based on custom events like Qualtrics Survey Submitted or Completed NPS.

What can you do with all this data? Imagine the possibilities:

  • Quantify the impact of a negative survey response and determine the prevalence of an issue uncovered through customer feedback.

  • Watch what your digital experience is really like for customers leaving negative feedback (or positive feedback)!

  • Use

    to understand if lower NPS scores correlate with lower conversions.

  • Get notified anytime a customer gives you a low NPS and immediately jump into Fullstory to troubleshoot the issues they're facing.

We already know there is great power in combining NPS scores with digital experience data from Fullstory—so what are you waiting for?

Let feedback fuel the digital experience fire

This partnership is only the beginning and we’re excited to continue building solutions for product managers with Qualtrics. Really, we think our Chief Product Officer said it best in our official partnership announcement:

Fullstory's mission is to make digital products and apps better for everyone. Our partnership with Qualtrics will make it easy for companies to seamlessly combine qualitative customer feedback with robust, digital experience data. With Qualtrics and Fullstory, customer feedback becomes the fuel for the kind of product improvements that increase revenue while making users happy and successful.

-Bruce Johnson, Chief Product Officer at Fullstory

If you want to learn more about how to connect Fullstory with Qualtrics, reach out to your account executive or Fullstory's Customer Success team for more information.

Amy EllisFormer Partner Marketing Manager

About the author

Amy Ellis was previously the Partner Marketing Manager at Fullstory.

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