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Learning the ropes at Fullstory’s Sales Academy

You might have noticed that we write a lot on our Culture Blog about our company values, Employee Resource Groups, and career development philosophies. That’s because we deeply value FullStorians’ career growth. To promote that growth, we’ve launched internal initiatives like Sales Academy—a program designed to invest in our next generation of Account Executives and Sales Development Representatives. 

We caught up with Jeff Scannella, the brains behind Sales Academy at Fullstory, to tell us more about the program and how sellers can anticipate to grow their career at Fullstory. 

Q: Give us a quick bio, and maybe toss in a fun fact for good measure. 

Jeff: I have spent the past eight years in the digital marketing and software space, holding several leadership roles in both sales management and enablement. My passion is helping those around me achieve their greatest ambitions in their career and driving a fantastic team environment. Under my tutelage, 15 team members have received President's or Winner's Circle Status. I bring a unique blend of dynamic energy, enthusiasm and relentless pursuit of excellence to the team!

My fun fact is that I played professional soccer in Europe prior to getting my professional career started. 

Q: Okay, first things first: What is Sales Academy? 

Jeff: Fullstory Sales Academy, our new hire program, has been carefully crafted to enable new sales team members to learn, be curious, and practice key concepts to equip them with the tools needed to be successful. Over the course of our three week program, new team members will learn about the Digital Experience Intelligence industry, processes, tools, and sales skills that will establish core fundamentals before getting into the field.

Week 2 of Sales Academy was really great. At the beginning of the week, it was very daunting to think that by week's end I'd be delivering my first demo. But I'm glad that you challenged me to do that because I felt way more confident after actually accomplishing the recording. Thank you for the push!

- Fullstory Account Executive

Q: So who does it help? Is it only for Account Executives, or are Sales Development Representatives invited to the party as well?

Jeff: We have created the program to establish core fundamentals necessary for any sales specific role. This allows for collaboration in breakout settings and an enormous amount of peer to peer learning. When combined with role specific shadowing and mentoring, this allows for our team members to get acclimated effectively in order to have an impact in the field.

Q: What happens afterward… Is there ongoing education after the Sales Academy?

Jeff: YES! We have numerous opportunities for ongoing learning for our new and tenured hires. We have team wide Continued Education sessions that are open to the entirety of the Sales organization. These take place twice a month and cover topics that will aid the growth of a variety of skill sets. 

In addition, we have built an ongoing Sales Skill coaching program, which we call Ignite, to continue New Hire learning for another eight weeks following the initial three week Academy program. This will become available to ALL new hires in the future.

This was by far the best work training I have ever experienced. Jeff was so hands-on, and knowing that he will continue to be available to train me in areas of weakness gives me a lot of confidence moving forward.

- Fullstory Sales Development Representative

Q: After NewStorians wrap up Sales Academy, how do you want them to feel?

Jeff: After completing Sales Academy, I hope folks feel confident and excited to dive into selling Fullstory. When approaching customers, they will be comfortable demonstrating the value we can provide, and they will understand that trust-building and problem-solving are imperative to building credibility. I also hope they feel part of a true team despite being onboarded remotely—winning together and cheering each other on is a huge part of our culture.

Curious how you can join the coolest sales team in SaaS? We’re always looking for empathetic and driven folks to join us—apply today!


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