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The top FullStory product releases of 2020

Scott Voigt
Posted January 21, 2021
The top FullStory product releases of 2020

Here at FullStory, one of our operating principles is Move with Urgency–which roughly translates to Go, Go, Go. And while it’s true that our team works with gusto toward our goals, we also remember to keep eyes on another value: Pause on Principle. This means making time to pause, reflect, and celebrate. And sometimes, like now, that pause takes the shape of an informal “Year in Review,” if you will. 

Of course, 2020’s review is far less straightforward than in times past. While there were many milestones to cheer (like recording our 20 billionth session), we also needed to retune how we delivered value to our customers in the face of major world events–events that brought digital experience into an even brighter spotlight. 

Through all of the year’s challenges, we’ve held onto our core belief that everyone benefits from a more perfect digital experience, and have remained dedicated to continuously improving the FullStory platform for our current and future customers (and, in turn, for our customers' visitors). 

Over the past 12 months, the team here has Moved with Urgency to roll out new and updated features including tools to better visualize and quantify user behavior, enhanced analytics capabilities, additional privacy controls, and more. 

For all of its tumult, it’s nice to be able to say that 2020 was a year of real forward motion for the FullStory platform. Here’s a quick look back at some of the product highlights from the year that we think deliver on our promise of value to you, our customers: 

Qualitative and quantitative insights at your fingertips

Enhanced analytics capabilities


We rolled out  a new and improved suite of quantitative analysis features—including Dashboards, Metrics, Defined Events, and Funnels. Our 2021 resolution? To continue building ways to pair qualitative and quantitative insights together, so you can have the full story of the digital customer experience.

Visibility below the fold

New ways to visualize and quantify customer behavior 


You now have even more ways to understand how customers are navigating your site or application with enhanced Scroll Maps. These heatmaps–designed specifically to show how far visitors scroll down lengthy pages–let you visualize customers’ awareness of features or elements that fall below the fold. Revenue Opportunities in Conversions allows you to easily quantify the potential revenue gain from fixing issues that create barriers for customers.

User data Private by Default

Additional privacy and team controls

masked elements

Safeguarding the privacy of your visitors across your applications and sites has become a critical component of protecting your brand and maintaining your customers’ trust. That’s why we’ve added more first-to-market options for controlling what data FullStory collects, and who within your company can access that data. All FullStory customers now have access to Element Masking, which allows you to block sensitive user data from being gathered, without sacrificing your ability to run analysis on those masked elements. Further, organizations on our Enterprise plan now have a new Architect role, so those users can access important data definition workflows while keeping the most sensitive privacy and security settings accessible to Admins only. 

Making technology work for you

Connecting FullStory to your DX stack


At FullStory, we build tools that empower our customers to get the most possible value from their digital experience data—both in and outside of the FullStory platform. Many companies invest significant effort in building a data layer that tracks custom events and user variables, so we built a Data Layer Capture that automatically pulls this custom information into FullStory in just a few clicks. We also know that DX data from FullStory is even more valuable when shared across your tech stack. With Webhooks, Data Export Segmentation, Ragehooks, and a Productboard integration, sharing FullStory data between integrated platforms is easier than ever. 

And so much more...

  • Have a feature or item in your application that you expect users to click rapidly? Now you can tell FullStory this isn’t a Rage Click! [Learn how]

  • FullStory delivers 411% ROI to an enterprise retailer according to a new Total Economic Impact study.

  • Yakima Chief Hops sees a 50% decrease in support time per incident [Read the story]

Cheers to 2021! We can’t wait to see what you can do with these digital experience capabilities at your fingertips. 

Scott VoigtFounder & CEO

About the author

Scott Voigt is the Founder and CEO of FullStory. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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