Prepare for the FCA Consumer Duty

Understand how your customers behave at every step of their digital consumer journey to provide a consistently excellent standard of service.

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Why you need Fullstory to keep up with Consumer Duty regulations

Fullstory offers automatic, retroactive, and comprehensive session reproduction capabilities so your digital teams can understand and address issues–and demonstrate your historical dedication to improving customer outcomes.


What is the FCA Consumer Duty?

As of 2022, the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set new standards of consumer care and protection across financial services, and requires firms to put their customers’ needs first. The goal is to empower consumers to make more informed and effective decisions in their best interests.

See what customers are experiencing

See what customers are experiencing

FullStory’s session replay is built for understanding the customer experience on your site, mobile app, or software.

Jump in at the first sign of trouble

Jump in at the first sign of trouble

FullStory automatically surfaces signals of user frustration so your team can provide real-time support, like live chat.

Maintain a record of outcomes

Maintain a record of outcomes

Look back at any point in time to see what customers experienced–without any additional tagging or instrumentation.

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Ensure successful customer outcomes

With one DXI platform, your entire organization has the tools they need to ensure successful customer outcomes. Customer support can see exactly what went wrong to provide the most accurate and effective guidance, and product, engineering, or marketing teams can see bugs, friction, or opportunities for improvement to optimize precisely and quickly.

A lady holding a dog with stats showing how FullStory helped Pinnacle: 200% increase in conversions; 310% increase in overall sales; 50% reduction in time to resolution for Dev team.

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“As a business, we didn't necessarily understand what the pain points were for the customer. Fullstory has allowed us to identify those pain points and fix them."

James Maxwell, CMO, Pinnacle Pet Group

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