Search your customer experience like you search the web.


Capture everything

Every click, keypress, page transition and more - automatically indexed and easily accessible to any team with a stake in the customer’s success.

Fast and intuitive

OmniSearch helps you find customers, identify rage clicks, summon page analytics, build funnels and more instantly. Just start typing.

Smart frustration detection

FullStory intelligently surfaces key moments of potential user frustration. Rage, Error and Dead clicks magically bring different aspects of a faulty UI to light—and show you how to improve.

Intuitive analytics, before you ask.

Move fluidly between aggregate data and the individuals that comprise it thanks to the search-sensitive charts and graphs we call Searchies.

Searchies hero

Set-up is a thing of beauty.

One small snippet records every user action. No maintenance and no manual tagging.

Easily protect your user’s privacy.

Exclude sensitive customer data from ever leaving your customer’s browser by using our in-app point and click system.

Fully customizable.

Send FullStory the data that’s important to you, like a user’s ID or a custom attribute. Block bots or any sessions you don’t want to see by domain, IP, or user agent string.

Understand your users like never before—get started with FullStory!

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