Your custom events. FullStory’s insights.

Segment, analyze, and watch pixel-perfect session replays of the user interactions that matter most to your business.

precision instrumentation

Analyze and act on your data with confidence.

No matter what job you do, you rely on data—and the quality of that data matters. Integrating your Segment and Tealium events in FullStory guarantees your business-critical event data is accurate and consistent over time and across platforms.

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session replay

Understand the people behind the numbers.

Having data is one thing. Understanding it is another. FullStory’s session replay capability lets you see your customer experience from the other side of the screen, helping you understand why your users do what they do—or don’t do.

Customevents replay
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nested properties

Add color to your events (or value, or anything else).

Conversion events like checkouts don’t exist in a vacuum; they’re accompanied by important context like product SKU, cart value, or subscription level. Custom Events make these properties available as an essential search dimension for your FullStory segments and analyses.

one-click integration

Don’t re-instrument the wheel.

Integrating events you’ve instrumented in Segment or Tealium only takes a few clicks. But if you’re not using a Customer Data Platform, it’s easy to define new custom events with the FS.event API.

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Understand your users like never before — get started with FullStory!