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Explore your heatmaps through session replay

Your customers are on a journey and their success depends on how well you understand it. Engagement Heatmaps provide a springboard for diving into your recorded session replays, letting you understand why users click what they click—or don’t click.

See the shape of customer frustration

To help smooth your worst sources of UX friction, FullStory’s Engagement Heatmaps let you instantly zero in on Rage Clicks and other machine-trained frustration signals.

Mc desktop
Error desktop
Rage desktop
Dead desktop
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Mc tablet
Error tablet
Rage tablet
Dead tablet
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Mc mobile
Error mobile
Rage mobile
Dead mobile
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Every size

Data from every screen size and device type

Other heatmap solutions force you to view separate maps for customers using different screen resolutions or devices. Ours are engineered to seamlessly incorporate that data OR segment by screen size, giving you the utmost control over how you’d like to understand your engagement.

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